Do Hey Dudes Have Good Arch Support? – The Ultimate Guide to Hey Dude Shoes

Last Updated: March 18, 2023
Do Hey Dudes Have Good Arch Support?

We got a question frequently asked by the Hey Dude lovers: do Hey Dudes have good arch support? This question also led to another one: Are Hey Dude good for your feet? If you want a straight answer, then the answer is yes. Hey Dudes have excellent arch support, and they are definitely good for your feet because this brand’s main goal is to produce and serve comfortable shoes to their customers always. But why Hey Dudes are good? Why will they be a good choice for you? Let’s dig in!

Do Hey Dude Shoes Have Arch Support?

One feature that makes Hey Dude shoes good for standing all day is their good arch support! The people who are facing plantar fasciitis right now, Hey Dudes, can be nice options for them because these shoes come with comfortable memory insoles. With moderate and minor foot pain (plantar fasciitis), Hey Dude shoes are definitely good.

Why is Hey Dude Shoes famous all around the globe for manufacturing arch supportive shoes? If we dig a bit further, we can find that the Hey Dude shoes have the brand’s unique technology soles and ultra thick memory insoles.

Along with appropriately dispersing your feet’s weight when walking, arch support will protect the arch of your feet so that you do not have foot pain while walking or jogging. And if you’re wearing shoes, you won’t have that difficulty, but for added comfort, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air.

Arch Support Shoes from Hey Dude: The Top Four List

Are you looking for a list of good arch-supported shoes from the Hey Dude brand? These boots are designed with excellent arch support in mind. These shoes have a removable memory foam insole to provide proper cushioning for your feet. Let’s have a look then.

 1. Scott Grip for Men

2. Denny for Women

3. Duke Shield for Men

4.  Spencer for Men

 Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

Do you have problems with flat feet? Or do you have a family member who always finds it difficult to put on shoes because of their flat fit? The flat-foot problem is usually seen in adults. For those who don’t know what flat feet actually are, the curved part that can be seen in the middle of the sole of the foot is called the arch (that is, the part that is bent like a bow under the foot). Many feet do not have this bow-like part. As a result, when standing, that particular part of the sole of the foot touches the ground, and this type of foot is called flat feet or feet with fallen arches.

So, let’s answer the question: Are Hey Dude shoes good for flat feet? Yes. Hey Dude manufactures shoes that are really good for flat-footed people. Hey Dude shoes are designed with nice cushioning and supportive sole features. That’s why if you have flat feet and you want to keep your foot health good, this brand’s sneakers and loafers will be a great choice.

List of Hey Dude Flat-Footed Shoes Which Have Nice Insoles

To support your feet properly, a shoe must have supportive insoles. This list includes the shoes that are well-cushioned, supportive to the foot, and use flex & fold technology. Let’s take a look.

Shoes and Sandals for Flat-Footed Women from the Hey Dude Brand:

  1. Wendy Chambray
  2. Wendy Lace-Up Loafers
  3. Moccasins
  4. Sirocco Women
  5. Meg

Shoes and Sandals for Flat-Footed Men from the Hey Dude Brand:

  1.  Sirocco
  2. Wally Camouflage
  3. Wally Serape
  4. Phoenix Basic Knit
  5. Kob Sox

Are Hey Dudes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes. Hey, dude, shoes are unquestionably beneficial to plantar fasciitis. People with plantar fasciitis can expect better results from Hey Dude shoes because they use advanced thick insoles. You can wear Hey Dude shoes casually, and their sneakers and loafers are of very good quality. You already know that Hey Dudes have arch support, and they are also available for flat feet or fallen arches. They are super flexible, which will provide you with comfort and support. So, if you are facing plantar fasciitis problems in your feet, choosing the Hey Dude footwear may be a good option.

Are Hey Dudes Slip Resistant?

Hey Dude’s shoes are not certified as slip resistant, so they aren’t much help if you’re looking for slip resistant shoes. However, Hey Dude’s Scott Grip and Duke Shield shoes for boys and Denny Slip-on shoes for women are excellent choices. Because these shoes have a nice outsole.

If you read the online reviews, you will notice that while the Hey Dude provides excellent arch support, the shoes do not have the best slip-resistant properties for everyday use. If you want to buy a good non-slip shoe with good arch support, Duke Shield is the best choice for boys and Denny is the best choice for girls, especially for winter wear, as I previously stated.

Shoes without slip-resistant facilities can be a problem when you want them to use in the rainy season. If you’re looking for a shoe that is made for high arches, has a soft insole, and provides more comfort and stability when you have to work all-day, you can make a purchase from Hey Dude’s Amazon store. But if you need slip-resistant shoes that already have many positive reviews online and  will be super comfortable for you to reduce foot pain (if you have it), then the Duke Shield from Hey Dude is a great shoe.

Why are Hey Dudes Good for Your Feet?

Yes. Hey dudes, you are definitely good for your feet. The company’s flex and fold technology makes their shoes special for people with heel pain. But if you haven’t felt any pain in your feet from plantar fasciitis or any other problem, Hey Dudes will also be a great choice. Why? I’ve written a long-form blog post, especially on Are Hey Dudes Good for Your Feet?

Hey Dude shoes provide arch support with their popular thick memory foam insole. If you have wide feet, then choosing their sandals can be a great idea because they manufacture excellent sandals for wide-footed people. A pair of Hey Dude shoes will make you feel like you are walking on air because Hey Dude provides snug-fitting shoes with excellent arch support, and their shoes are very light. You will find Hey Dude shoes more comfortable than any other brand available on the market.

These shoes have good shock absorption capability, which mainly protects your feet from shock when you are running. Their manufactured loafers and sneakers are soft and super breathable, which will keep your feet dry and reduce the bad smell from your shoes. And one of the main reasons that this brand is the first choice for people is its flexibility. They are super flexible because they use their own invented flex and fold technology in their shoes.

Warp up:

I have been wondering for a long time that I will write a long blog about this: Do Hey Dude shoes have good arch support? And I’m really glad that you now have the answer to this question in more detail (if you’ve been reading this blog!).

If you want great arch support with style and comfort, look no further than Hey Dude’s. And these shoes are so light that you will never have any problem walking or running.

But if you think about slip-resistant features, then Nike or any other brand has a lot of good shoes (Hey Dude has some like Scott Grip and Duke Shield).

But let’s finish it today. If you want great quality with comfort and very good arch support, the Hey Dude is the shoe to go for.

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