5 Steps to Keep Dog Boots from Falling Off

Last Updated: February 16, 2023

Why do dog boots keep falling off?

One of the reasons that would cause most dog boots to fall off is having loose boots. You also need to consider the material and quality of the boots before buying the boots, since their paws are sensitive, they would not want their paws to be in contact. Sweats from paws can also make the boots slippery from inside and fall off during long walk and hiking. Our guide will help you about how to keep dog boots from falling off.

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Proper material and size checking before buying is important to keep the dog comfortable with the boots. Boots with natural rubber or High fabric usually has high durability and does not irritate skin like other materials such as plastic or vinyl.

How to Keep Dog Boots from Falling Off:

Dog Boots are a great way to protect your dog’s feet from the cold, and snows getting in between their small toes. If you have a small dog, you might find that the boots can come off easily.

Here are some tips for keeping them on:

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  1. Take proper measurements of the paws before buying boots for them. You may use many tools, or put the paws on a paper and use a pen to take proper size details. A boot with good fit will less likely to fall off from the paws during walk and hike.
  2. Give your dog time to familiarize with the Dog boots. Let the dog sniff them and get used to the look. Sometimes the dog may not be easy, and it will be difficult to get the boots on.
  3. Make sure the boot is adjusted correctly, and the dog has his/her paws laying flat on the surface. Tighten the adjustable strap so it won’t fall off from the paws. Dogs may shake the boots off, or hop around snows and muds, and make the boots fall off. Make sure it is tightened to a comfortable level, so the dog won’t get irritated by the boots. Ensure the boots are fastened properly before going out for walk.
  4. Even after tightening, you may use self-sticking tape to assist if the boots are still coming off the paws. This will help the boots to stay on the paws, however do not use any sort of glues that will damage the paws or fur.
  5. After 2 or more hours of walking, hiking or running, take off the boots. The paws may get slippery after sweating, so letting it dry is a good idea.
  6. Check after every 10-15 minutes if all the boots are there, so you don’t lose the boots.

Choose the Best Boots for Your Dog:

Choosing the best dog boots for your pet is not an easy task. There are various factors to consider while choosing the best dog boots, including the materials, size, weight, and style. Once you’ve verified that your boots are properly suited, you’ll need to train your dog to walk in them. Measure the lines to calculate the length and width of your dog’s paw. In addition, evaluate the boots and choose the best brands to ensure that they are durable and comfortable for your dog.

Some Durable and Comfortable Boots for Your Dog – The Best Brands

There are many different brands of dog boots in the market, but not all are good enough. You may find there are some dog shoes that are very durable but, unfortunately, not so comfortable for dogs. Again, there are some shoes that are really comfortable but not very long-lasting. Now then, the way? How can you find the best shoes for your pretty dog?

Nothing to worry about! We’ve tried a variety of dog boots in recent times and conducted some experiments on how long they last and how comfortable they are. On the basis of that experiment, we have compiled a short list here of the best quality boots on a budget, which are listed in the table below. So you can buy the shoes for your beloved pet dog from this list within your budget easily if you want.

BrandsDog BootsAdjustability
KurgoKurgo Blaze Cross Dog ShoesYes
KurgoKurgo Anti Slip & Water Resistant Dog BootYes
DOG HELIOSDog Helios ‘Traverse’ Premium Grip High-Ankle Outdoor Dog BootsYes
Pet LifePet Life Flexible Air Mesh Dog ShoesYes
Healers PetcareHealers Urban Walker IIIYes
LOVEPETUniversal Pet ShoesYes
HOBEKRKProtective Dog BootsYes
Durable and Comfortable Dog Boots
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