Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet – Top 6 in 2023

By Sophie Williams
Updated: August 11, 2023
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If your feet are slightly wider than others and you face difficulties finding wide boots, this article is for you. Here you will learn the five best snowboard boots for wide boots. 

For some people, snowboarding is a sport, but it’s an enjoyable hobby for most. And as we are aware, a snowboarding boot is essential for that. The shoes must appropriately fit your feet when you buy them. 

I also have wide feet, so I know how difficult it may get to find the perfect boots. When you go snowboarding, I don’t want you to struggle with it.

Because of this, I’ll be discussing the best wide snowboard boots for wide feet today. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about wide snowboard boots. Later, you’ll be grateful that I cared for your wider feet.

The reason you will need wide snowboard boots for wide feet

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You can generally think about the reasons why you need wide snowboard boots. If this is your first time trying to snowboard, you might want to change the regular boots to fit your extra wide feet. 

But let me warn you that wearing shoes a little bit too tight might make you feel a million times worse. Your goal should be to be as comfortable as possible when getting ready to snowboard.

When selecting a snowboard, width is crucial. A board that is too large won’t respond well. If the space is too small, you could fall on your face from toe and heel drag. Staying on the ice for more than a few hours at a time with the wrong boots can be next to impossible. 

You’ll have to sit and take a break from moving since the ache and suffering will become intolerable. Having boots that are too small for your feet often leads to cramping and reduced blood flow in your feet and toes.

I think a pair of snowboard boots that fit well on wider feet are the best. It will keep your feet in place. 

How wide snowboard boot should be? 

How would you determine the specific size of the wide snowboard boot? If your feet are wide, there’s a significant probability that a boot for wide feet will match them better.

If you’re unfamiliar with these things, you must recognize how wide your feet are. Several boots with the highest width will get mentioned here. There are various websites where you may get the correct way to measure your feet. They also display the category to which your feet’s size belongs. You can look at the sizing chart. You can save both time and money by doing it this way.

One factor to remember is that some riders may have had feet too broad for the boot when complaining that particular boots were too narrow. Choose boots with space around the toe box. More room will get provided to maintain the heel and ankle support. The cooperation of the lacing system and flex enhances comfort for wider feet.

5 best wide snowboard boots

Buying snowboard boots that fit people with wide feet can be challenging. Thus, wide snowboard footwear can be a lifesaver. Thankfully, some manufacturers offer snowboard boots for wide feet. Let’s consider a few boot choices for people with large feet.

Best snowboard boots for wide feet:

Finding the best fit wide pair of boots is easy. Some of the best snowboarding boots are designed for wide feet in 2023. And we will discuss those snowboard boot brands below.

1. Burton Photon Boa Wide Boot

Burton is one of the brands that are famous in the snowboarding world. They are renowned for their boot quality and durability. Burton photon boa wide boot is the perfect fit for your wider feet. 

Additionally, it gets equipped with an imprinted three-liner and DryRIDE heat cycle technology. Level 2 Molded EVA Footbed is an additional feature.

Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boot Image


  • The robust, high-performance lacing system enables having a great fit.
  • Possesses strong durability
  • You’ll receive a mild flex rating.
  • Vibram soles are the perfect way to guarantee that your feet are comfortable.

2. Salomon Synapse

Newcomer riders can consider the Salomon Synapse wide boot. You can accommodate your requirements by adding some additional space with its relatively broader toe box, which it includes.

Salomon Synapse Wide Snowboard Boot Image


• To increase your riding abilities, use the versatile Salomon boots, which can get used everywhere on the mountain.

• It responds well without being overzealous because of its medium flex.

• Your feet feel dry and comfy thanks to the QuickDry panels’ restriction on moisture accumulation.

This boot features a platinum liner that offers an adjustable fit. It will include removable ankle inserts and heat-moldable dual-density foam.

3. Burton Ruler BOA Wide Snowboard

For riders with wide feet, here is another Burton model. This set of boots merits praise in a lot of different ways. These wide-fitting boots have been one of the best boots for snowboarding for years.

Burton Ruler BOA Snowboard Boot Image


• The quick lace alternative lacing style is available with the Burton Ruler wide boots.

• It offers a heat-moldable liner or the option to install one.

• More space in the toe box

• A mid-flex will work well for most riders, especially intermediate snowboarders.

4. Salomon Dialogue Wide

It is among the most often used mid-range and intermediate boots available. This wide Salomon is likely smaller than some other boots on the list due to its narrower fit.

Salomon Dialogue Wide Snowboard Boot Image


• The dual Boa operates conventionally, fastening the boot’s top and bottom laces.

• Salomon’s heel cage helps offer a progressive flex by keeping the foot planted in the bottom of the boot.

• The lining is heat moldable and may get adjusted to provide extra space for wide feet.

5. K2 Maysis Wide Boot

When it comes to all-mountain footwear, the K2 Maysis is the ideal option. Very adaptable and well-made, this boot is in top condition. Snowboarders with wide feet may only get this boot from K2.

K2 Maysis Wide Snowboard Boot Image


• The Maysis has a special boot design that prevents shell distortion as well.

• Endo 2.0 structure uses an integrated heel to boost durability and toughness while giving you lots of reaction and convenience.

• These wide-fitting boots features cored ankle pockets and an Intuition Control Foam 3D liner.

6. Ride Lasso Wide Snowboard Boot

The Lasso Pro is a stronger flexing boot with an easy-to-use adjustment system that provides a smooth ride. It comes with a wide sizing option.

Ride Lasso Wide Snowboard Boot Image


• The multi-density foam gets enclosed in a supportive structure for optimal recovery.

• The soles have a mesh backing and are flexible.

• With additional support, your upper ankle and heel will get held.

Lastly, these are the best snowboard boots. In the modern era, snowboard boot manufacturers offer the right fit for your wide feet. If you are looking for the best boots, then these boots will fit wide feet.

Bottom line

Last but not least, snowboard boots for wider feet are a godsend for people with wide feet. By 2023, wide-footed boots should be simple to find. Here we have discussed some famous brands that offer the perfect fit for wide feet. Additionally, use the proper measurement when selecting the boots. Go for boots that can hold your feet and give you more room in the toe box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose snowboard boots?

There are so many boots on the market. Choosing snowboarding boots for wide feet is relatively easy. Before making a buy, you should think about a few factors. First, check the flex. Flex will determine the flexibility while riding. 

Next, go for the snug fit. Last, the durability. Width boots go through so many snow conditions. So, boots should get made of solid material that lasts long.

2. What are some budget snowboard boots? 

For around $60 to $70, you can buy a good set of snowboarding boots. More expensive footwear is available in the $200–300 price range. Both the dc snowboard and the Burton Ruler have fair price tags. 

3. Which brands offer wide Snowboard boots?

Nowadays, brands are introducing more wide boots for wide-footed snowboarders. But most of the brands offer two or three models of wide versions. Besides, a few respectable companies, including Burton, Salomon, Ride, Thirtytwo, etc., sell wide boots. 

4. Do women need wide snowboard boots?

Although men’s feet are slightly wider than women’s, this does not imply that women don’t have wider feet. Sadly, the majority of brands do not provide broad sizes for women. For ladies, there are hardly any wide boots.

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