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By Sophie Williams
Updated: October 27, 2023
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Do you have stinky Hey Dude walking shoes? Bad smells generally come from bacteria and fungi that grow easily in damp and warm places; your sweaty shoes are ideal places for them to grow rapidly. In this comprehensive how-to guide, I’ll try to share some tips and tricks to stop your favorite Hey Dude shoes or any sandals from stinking, so you can keep your pairs odor-free. So, let’s dive in.

Why Do Hey Dude Shoes Stink?

Smells on your feet generally come from microbes on the skin metabolizing compounds in your sweat, which are responsible for unfavorable odors. When sweat is left behind in your shoes after you wear them, this leaves an unpleasant smell.

A bacteria also known as Staphylococcus epidermis breaks down leucine (an amino acid in your sweat) and causes an unpleasant cheese-like odor. This smell can be very difficult to get rid of!

How to Keep Your Favorite Hey Dude Shoes From Stinking

Isn’t it true that prevention is better than cure? You will not have to remove odors from your favorite pair of sneakers if you follow these procedures. You can use the following ways to keep bacteria from spreading and stinking up your shoes, and these excellent strategies will keep your feet fresh and healthy.

Try To Wear Sweat-Wicking Socks

You can wear socks that are specially made with sweat-wicking materials such as Cool-Max, not cotton. Cool-Max will keep your feet drier because these special types of fiber can move sweat away from your feet, thus evaporating the sweat properly. Cotton generally retains sweat, which is why you should avoid using cotton-made socks.

Always Dry Your Hey Dude Shoes Between Wears

If you go to the gym regularly, never put the shoes in your gym bag after you come home from the gym. Because the shoes in the gym bag will always be in a damp condition, which will later cause a bad smell due to the growth of bacteria, and for this reason, always air-dry your shoes before and after wearing them.

For quick drying, remove the insoles of your shoes and use newspaper inside, as the paper will absorb moisture from the shoes and keep them dry. You can also use shoe savers instead of newspapers if you wish. This will dry your shoes in no time and keep them fresh.

You Can Use Copper Sole Socks

To keep your shoes smelling fresh and your feet healthy, you can use copper-sole socks. If you regularly use less-breathable shoes, you can use socks that are made with metal fibers like copper and silver. You can collect them from an athletic sock company like Aetrex.

You Can Use Washable Insoles

If it happens that every time you wear shoes without socks, your shoes smell bad, then you can use Sole Socks. Sole Socks have a cotton upper and a latex rubber sole.

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As well as its moisture wicking properties, it will give your feet a great grip and you can easily wash them off after at least three to four uses.

You Can Apply Deodorant To Your Feet

Athletes generally apply this strategy to stop stinking their shoes. This is the easier method, using deodorant on the feet. This strategy basically doesn’t keep your feet dry, but it will inhibit odor-producing bacteria and fungi in your feet. But always use any antiperspirant according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

How To Remove Odors From Your Hey Dude Shoes

Even after doing all the given instructions above, if your feet smell bad and it spreads to your shoes, then there is no other way but to remove the smell, right? There are some proven ways you can do it yourself to reduce any kind of bad smell from your favorite pair of shoes, whether it is from Hey Dude, Nike, or any other popular brand. You can use these proven tips and tricks to keep your shoes fresh all the time, and this will help you keep your feet healthy very easily.

Wash Your Feet and Wear Socks That Are Clean.

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The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) suggests cleaning your feet regularly with soap and water because the bacteria that live in your feet tend to keep multiplying every time and cause a bad odor. When you take your shower, always clean your soles with soap and your toes carefully.

After showering, or if you have only cleaned your feet, you should dry your feet very well. You can also use a hair dryer if you want a little more dryness on your feet.

Try to put on dry and clean socks before putting on shoes. Even if your feet sweat when you wear dry and clean socks, the sweat won’t rub off on the inside of the shoe as easily. If you use padded socks, you will get very good results, and experts also advise using padded socks.

Wash Your Hey Dude Shoes and Insoles Regularly.

If you want to keep your Hey Dude shoes fresh and odor-free, it is recommended to wash and dry them properly. Don’t use warm water and detergent because heat and detergent can degrade the materials of your shoes. Warm water can dissolve the glue and adhesives.

Always use cool water, and shampoo is very good for shoes. Use disinfectants like Lysol or Pine Sol in the water. If you want to clean your Hey Dude shoes in a washing machine, don’t forget to remove the shoelaces first, and always air dry your shoes.

Use Smell Absorbing Powders

You can use medicated foot powders as odor absorbers because these powders have talc, which absorbs moisture. These powders often have deodorant properties, which mainly mask the bad smell.

So, sprinkle foot powder before and after wearing your Hey Dude shoes. This will prohibit fungal growth in your favorite pair of Hey Dude shoes.

There is another good option: baking soda. Baking soda is a nice ingredient for removing bad smells from shoes. You can fill your pair of shoes with baking soda, and you have to cover the entire soles. You can use newspaper to absorb extra wetness and odors. Don’t forget to shake out the powder before wearing your shoes.

You Can Use Shoe and Sandal Disinfectant

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You can use a disinfecting spray to remove foot odors from your sandal. Because you can’t wear socks with sandals, and if you use powder, then it would be visible. That’s why using a disinfectant sparingly is a good idea, and you can use a spray like 2Tom Stink Free shoe spray. You can also use light bleach or vinegar on your shoes. You can wipe down your Hey Dude sandals with these ingredients easily.

Wrap Up

Smelly shoes are a very common but embarrassing problem for everyone, whether they are from the Hey Dude brand or from any other manufacturer. The best way to prevent odors is to take steps to prevent odors.

Feel free to experiment with the strategies described above and find out which one actually works best for you. Hopefully, one or more of them will work for you. If you like this Boots & Stuff blog, don’t forget to share it on your timeline

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