Are Over the Knee Boots Appropriate for Work?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 25, 2023
Are over the knee boots appropriate for work?

Yes, as long as you have a good fashion sense. Knee-high boots get regarded as a statement piece in the fashion world. They are here to raise the bar for footwear fashion. These boots are the most popular fashion trend for influencers and regular people in 2023. 

However, are you yet familiar with the term “over the knee boots”? We’ll put any doubt to rest right here about whether or not these boots are appropriate for business casual. Everything is provided here, from advice to solutions.

What do over-the-knee boots do?

Over the knee  boots, sometimes referred to as knee boots or tall boots, are footwear that extends over the knee. Early riders wore boots that reached their knees to prevent mud from getting on their legs.

The history behind Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots have been challenging stereotypes throughout the entire development. Shapes have changed more recently, thanks to the lampshade craze. 

The earliest date back to the 15th century, and occasionally they can be seen in artwork from that era. Although they have overtly sexual and strongly feminine undertones, the origins of these boots are in menswear. 

In the late 20th century, the style got updated as a chic boot for women. It gained popularity with women at the beginning of the 1960s. 

Mancini introduced their long knee-high boots for Balenciaga’s autumn 1962 collection, and the following year, Yves Saint Laurent added thigh-high alligator leather boots to his couture line.

The 1970s saw a slight decline in favor of the boots, but they were still widely worn. The 1970s thigh-high was less overt than the 60s, bold and frivolous variant. When boots got made of suede, they had a hippie vibe and went nicely with the then-trendy midi hemlines.

Furthermore, when Madonna started sporting them in her videos and concerts in the 1980s, the boots experienced a major comeback. You can find a pair almost anywhere and on many different models.

Can I go wear over-the-knee boots to work? 

Over-the-knee boots convey a stylish, carefree attitude and a fashion statement.  If you know how to style them, you can wear them with any attire. Is it acceptable to wear them as office wear if you’re thinking about doing so?

The type of boots you wear, the work environment, and the office culture all play a role in whether or not you should wear boots to work. There are a few do’s and don’ts when wearing these boots in formal environments.

The more conservative offices, the less chance knee-high boots are to be acceptable. They just need to be more suitable for use in a professional setting. As long as you don’t pair your  boots with a pretty short dress, you can still appear respectable in a less formal office where rules are less stringent. 

It often fall short of the professional standard, though, most of the time. But most other places of employment permit you to arrive at work wearing whatever length of the boot and suitable attire from your whole wardrobe.

The benefits of wearing over the knee boots at work

It depends on your line of work whether you should choose thigh-high or boots with a heel for the office. If your work environment isn’t particularly liberal, it’s best to avoid trying these unprofessional knee look boots. Get an excellent set of work-appropriate boots that made of leather or suede if you job somewhere that allows you to wear whatever you wish.

There are a few advantages if you wear over-the-knee boots to work. Please read the following points to learn more about the benefits you’ll receive from wearing them.

1. Adaptability

Boots can add style and usefulness to any ensemble. A variety of designs are available for these boots. They can be dressed up for a casual Friday night out with a mini skirt or midi dress or down for a more casual look by pairing them with jeans or leggings. In other words, they look stunning with nearly any outfit and coordinate with them practically every time. For any casual setting, boots can look quite look with skinny jeans for street style.

2. Choosing the right style and color 

 A stylish and elegant look is created by combining thigh-high boots with midi skirt hemlines. It is one option for styling your boots to the office wearing dress pants. The most upscale and refined color palette is beige and white. You can also try black boots for business formal.  It looks more sophisticated and office-appropriate. Try to avoid any high heels and snake print boots if you want to look professional.

3. Withstand all weather

They have the capacity to keep your legs comfortable during the winter is one of their best features. These boots add another layer of warmth, keeping your legs warm and snug. You can wear them outside the office for same reason.

The benefits of wearing over the knee boots at work

In situations where the temperature fluctuates, they make sense. They protect you from the rain as well. In addition to being extremely comfortable, these boots make a great first impression. Weatherproof boots must also be made of leather over the knees or excellent thigh-high PVC boots.

4. Boost your confidence

 Your attractiveness will increase a hundredfold when you are confident. There won’t be any issues if you can match the style of your over-the-knee boots to where you are going perfectly. Instead, you’ll receive more compliments, making you happier and more productive at work. The key to wearing boots for work is how you carry them. 

The drawback of donning over-the-knee boots to work

The best winter wardrobe essential is boots. Given their remarkable versatility, it’s not surprising that many of us want to incorporate them into our business wear.

But it is somewhere restricted when wearing over the knee boots to the office. When worn at work, though, it must be in a specific location. Related to the field, over the knee boots are okay for wearing to the office when dressed properly.

They have the following disadvantages when worn to work:

They have the following disadvantages when worn to work:

1. Dress regulations for the workplace

Over the knee boots often don’t appear nearly as formal in more conservative workplaces like legal or finance companies. If the dress code gets specified in the office policies, you must follow it. Your over-knee boots might not be suitable in that situation. Boots aren’t appropriate for business casual. Boots seem edgy for the workplace. 

Generally, however, you can dress professionally throughout your entire wardrobe, including boots of any length. It might be difficult to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate clothing and boot pairings because there are many possible choices. Boots length of a couple of inches can look unprofessional.

2. Decency in workplace environments

To follow the rules of the workplace and blend in with the culture, you may occasionally need to take your boots off. To avoid discomfort, you must find alternative footwear that fits the workplace environment. You will need to take style advice to make the professional cut. 

3. Moving around the workplace can be difficult in over the knee boots

These boots may lead to foot issues if used frequently (daily for several hours). Your knees, hips, and ankles may get sore as a result. Moving around can be stressful at times. You will only be as productive at work if you wear these boots. Boots with a heel can make it more worse.

If you decide to put on your knee high boots for the day at the office, you will experience both advantages and disadvantages. 

The best way to wear over-the-knee boots at work

Covering your legs is one of the most fundamental rules when formally wearing tall boots. High boots can get worn casually to work if matched with the appropriate clothing, such as a chic gown or a modest skirt and blouse. To belong in a casual side a pair of black otk boots with sweater dress will look good.

Remember the prevailing culture at your conservative offices. Any ideas covered in this post should be suitable for a laid-back or creative office setting. Use your best professional judgment when deciding how to dress for the office.

Here are some general pointers on how to put on over-the-knee boots for work environment:

1. Make an effort to follow traditional color guidelines

Use colors like black, brown, and taupe to project confidence with your boots. Despite looking sophisticated in this instance, bright colors may end up coming across as obscene. I’ve been wearing regular dress pants with black shoes for casual business. 

Your knee-high boots’ substance and pattern, in addition to their color, make them appropriate for the casual side. Your office appearance will be more elegant and pleasant the more modest your boots are.

2. Keep the conservative colors rule in your mind.

 A professional work boot should always be black because it complements everything and is a real trooper of color. You can also wear brown boots that look elegant, particularly if they get made of dark brown leather. You can never go wrong with black boots. Red or burgundy, which are less formal colors, could succeed. Tall boots are appropriate for a dress or skirt. Wear black over-the-knee boots if you still want to look professional. 

3. The ideal heel size is low to medium for business casual 

Preferably, keep your heels no higher than 3 1/4″. A thin heel can be appropriate if it is not too high and is worn with something conservative because it is more attractive than a slightly thicker heel. Remember to avoid giving the impression that you are going out to party. A few inches above the knee can make many differences. Flat boots are fine to make the professional cut. Flat boots are more casual than thigh-high boots, and it goes well with a midi dress.

4. Customized Blazer:

Your business casual boots will look chic with an elegant blazer, which will balance out the over-the-top boot. Try wearing a classic trench coat with a crisp white button-down and black jeans to give off a chic vibe. You could also wear your OTK boots with a voluminous dress and blazer. Boots look work appropriate if you wear a blazer with a pencil skirt. It will compliment your long legs. 

5. Your attire should go with your boots

Over-the-knee boots are not something you can wear with anything. You must determine the type of attire that will complement your boots. It’s important to dress appropriately and select the proper footwear before leaving for work. Outside the office, wear boots with jeans or tights. It depends on you what type of boots you want to wear. 

Frequently asked questions :

1. How do you wear knee high boots?

There are not many do’s and don’ts in wearing knee high boots. Take your cardigan and tucked into the boots. Another thing you can do is wear your leggings or skinny pants with a blouse and pair it with your patent leather boots. It will give a longer legs illusion. Boots when you’re wearing with a dress or skirt, try to wear opaque tights underneath. 

2. How to wear knee high boots with skinny jeans?

If you want to wear jeans, boots are one item that can work well. Colors might play a role if you decide to really wear skinny jeans with boots. If you want to look professional, then try wearing patent leather knee-high boots and a cardigan for a casual setting. Outside the office you can wear skinny jeans as street style. 

3. Which dresses are inappropriate for business casual with boots?

A short skirt and slouchy boots are definitely not something you should wear. Boots come in many lengths, so try to choose basic footwear; those are more casual than boots. To wear them to the office, just choose black pants and flats.

Bottom line

Therefore, the discussion for today comes to a close. The most current style of footwear is over-the-knee boots. If your place of employment permits it, you should wear your  boots, as we’ve explained in this article. Get basic leather boots in a lovely neutral color that will blend well with your professional attire if you plan to wear them in casual offices. 

You should dress your boots appropriately for the place you’re heading. You’ll feel more assured and appear more friendly as a result. Just remember to avoid unprofessional knee look that may make your coworkers uncomfortable. The key to wearing boots is maintain the dress code. 

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