6 Ways To Wear Ankle Boots with Leggings for Best Looks

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 28, 2023
how to wear ankle boots with leggings

We wake up every morning with the same question in mind: “What to wear today?”, “What will be the color combination of my dress”, and “How to wear this perfectly”. Right? But here we will learn about how to wear ankle boots with leggings. 

Ankle boots are usually worn in the winter season. They are helpful in keeping your feet warm and look very classic and stylish. This is a major trend that is popular among women of all ages. There is no need to wear socks if you are wearing leggings. If you still find it necessary to wear socks, wear ankle-shaped socks so that they are not visible even after you wear them.

But what to do with your leggings when you wear ankle boots? Leggings have all these different lengths. Booties have all these different heights. So, now one of the most common problems, when you wear leggings with your ankle boot, is that it looks really unbalanced. 

Generally, boots with a taller shaft look best with skinny jeans tucked in, and boots with a lower shaft look better with jeans untucked or cuffed. Let’s break it down.

Popular 6 Ways to wear ankle boots with Leggings

1. wear ankle boots with leggings by Tucking into boots:

The first way you can style your leggings when you wear ankle boots is to tuck your leggings into your boots. This only works if your leggings are very long enough to fit your boots or I should say your boots are long enough to hold the leggings. If the leggings come out of the boot, then this styling method will not work for you. You have to do something else.

Leggings Tucked into Boots

2. Fold leggings under the Ankle Boots:

Generally, you want a bit of your skin to show because this is the narrowest part of your leg, and showing some skin helps prevent your legs from looking stumpy. So simply tuck the leggings under.

So that there is just a tiny bit of skin between the bottom of the leggings and the top of the body. Then it looks very deliberate. There is also a situation where this may not work. That’s if your leggings are very long and then the tuck is going to look quite bulky and not going to work.

3. One long cuff On the leggings:


Personally, I prefer to have the jeans over the ankle boots, but you can turn up the cuff if you prefer. So, the third way that you can wear your leggings with your ankle Booties is with the sailor cuff. This is a great option when you just want to try something a little bit different and you want to feel a little bit fresher. 

4. Double cuff On leggings:

The next way you can wear ankle boots with leggings is to do the double cuff. The double cuff is simply just that two cuffs that’s it like one tiny one-inch cuff and then you cuff it again. And you have got the double cuff. It’s very neat, very deliberate, and very stylish.

You can also take a glance at this guide on ankle boots with skinny jeans, where different cuffs are demonstrated throughout the video.

5. Cuffing inside the Bootie:

This is ideal if your leggings are very long. You can do one long cuff and one shorter cuff, depending on the leggings and then you zip it up inside the boot with a little bit of the cuff peeping out of the top of the ankle boot.

Ankle boots with skinny jeans

6. Try different Colour combinations With the leggings:

There are no specific rules for color combinations, but a piece of safe advice is to choose contrasting colors from the color wheel. So in this case, you can wear a pair of black boots with light-colored leggings.

You can find out from someone close to you which color suits you best. You can mix and match different shades of the same color for a more delicate look. But be sure to avoid clashing colors that don’t complement each other. 

Here, black leggings and minimalist black boots will always look beautiful together, especially when worn with oversized tops. You can wear anything with black leggings but black leggings with white ankle boots look very fashionable together.

That is how you could wear your ankle boots with leggings. So, excluding worries about this, read this article at a glance.

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