How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 28, 2023
ankle boots with jeans

Deciding which type of ankle boots with which type of jeans should we wear to look trendy and cool is not an easy job. When we can choose the right types of outfits, we look perfect and this perfect look is important to make ourselves confident. When we try to match jeans with perfect ankle boots, we sometimes get into a dilemma.

After reading this, you will get an idea to have a perfect matching outfit about how to wear ankle boots with jeans. So, let’s get into this. When we are deciding outfit for ankle boots with jeans, we have to consider so many variables. Because there we have many options of boots as well as jeans.

If we consider booties first, we see that there exist three types of ankle boots: short booties (which has a short shaft and does not cover up the toe), medium-length booties (which has a medium shaft and may cover the toe but doesn’t go above it) and tall ankle booties (which has a long shaft, it covers the toe and above toe in the leg).

Now come about jeans; jeans are of versatile types in our fashion world. Skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, straight-leg jeans are some of those types.

Ankle boots with skinny jeans:

No doubt, skinny jeans are widely used by fashion aware people among all types of jeans. If we cuff the hem of our jeans and then try short ankle or medium height ankle booties, it will be such an amazing match. We have to be careful to have the cuff, not more than two or three fingers wide.

This style makes the leg look cleaner and more streamlined. This cuffed jean draws the attention of people to look at this small portion of your leg. But if the skinny jeans are not that long, we can just keep it a single cuff so a single silver line is seen of your leg.

By the way, we can do this style with longer jeans also by making a single wide cuff. In case of getting skinny jeans a bit longer, tucking the jeans into booties can be a good match. But at first, we have to make sure that the jean is skinny; otherwise, the extra part of the fabric will make a bunch near the ankle.

Creating faux crop skinny jeans is another easy way to style with booties. In this, we have to just roll up the jeans under. This style is mostly done with the short shaft or medium shaft ankle boots.

Ankle boots with skinny jeans

Ankle boots with wide-leg jeans:

Compared with skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans are more comfortable to wear. These feel like sweatpants. These jeans are much more usable for regular use than skinny pants. Moreover, going to sleep wearing skinny pants is a bit uncomfortable but wearing wide-leg pants is not.

After reading these lines, one thing which may come to your mind is that from now you should always wear wide-leg jeans and avoid skinny jeans. But no, there’s also much more information that is not included among these lines and those missing information may impact your decision. So yes, let’s know more about wide-leg jeans. Wide leg jeans cannot be styled up with old ankle boots.

To style up with this pair of jeans, a trendy pair of small shafted or Medium shafted ankle boots are required. On the other hand, old ankle boots go and get fitted with skinny jeans. The main reason behind this is when we wear skinny pants, the most highlighted and attractive point is the sliver line of the leg above our toe.

While in terms of wide-leg jeans pant, the silver line of our skin cannot be seen and the boots under the pant attract everyone. Besides, people look shorter wearing wide-leg pants. It can be approximated that wide-leg jeans are not our first choice over skinny jeans to style up trendy.

How to wear straight-length jeans with ankle boots:

Styling up straight length jeans with ankle boots is as easy as styling up booties with skinny jeans. We usually see many straight length jeans in the streets or at the shopping mall because they prefer the people.

If we want to compare straight length jeans with skinny jeans, we will end up finding that wearing ankle boots with straight length jeans is handier and easier than wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans. A reason behind this can be skinny jeans sometimes need to be cuffed or rolled but for the straight length jeans, there’s no need to cuff or roll the jeans.

All three types of booties normally go with straight leg jeans where we just have to be careful that the hem of the jeans is not much far away from the top of the ankle boots. It sometimes gives an unflattering look to your outfit and the beautiful silver line of the leg cannot be seen which is most important to look attractive.

That’s why the gap between jeans and ankle boots should not be more than one inch wide. When we want us to look formal and trendy as well, straight leg jeans with ankle boots are the best option.

Ankle boots with tight jeans

Outfit ideas wearing jeans and ankle boots:

You’ll get to know about some amazing outfit ideas with ankle boots and jeans after reading this write-up. Different types of style ideas are mentioned here to guide trendy people towards getting a trendy look by wearing booties and jeans. Some styles mentioned in this will be appropriate styles according to different occasions and different seasons.

– Style with black supremacy

Black is such a color which is gorgeous and simple at the same time, you can create a classic look and also a trendy look with the same black color. Wearing black can make people look so fashionable. But wearing full black from top to bottom is not a smart idea. Having another color just for the booties will give a color pop and an attractive look to the whole outfit. Blacktop, black jeans can perfectly match with a brown pair of ankle booties.

You can also match your printed boots with your full black top and jeans. Golden Jewellery will add a gorgeous touch to your look here.
Normally, long boots are preferred to short booties to pair with cropped black jeans so that your legs don’t look so short.

Style with blazer matching with single cuffed jeans

When you will want to create a casual look for the weekend or your daily office have no issues with wearing jeans, you can style with your jeans having a single cuff. A single cuffed pair of jeans with a striped blazer will give you a perfect casual look. When you will have to button the blazer, it will give you a formal and official look and after office, you can open the button to have an informal look and go out for a coffee.

Style your skinny jeans with a Denim jacket

When you are such a busy person and you’ve to work a lot as you cannot get enough time to improve your fashion wears, skinny jeans paired with a denim jacket can be an easy way to make you a fashionista with very short effort.

Skinny jeans will help to look your legs longer than real and you can cuff your jeans once or twice so that extra parts longer than your leg don’t bunch up at the top of the booties. It is an easy and less time-consuming outfit idea you can have with jeans and ankle booties.

Style your jeans with a cardigan and white tee

Let’s think about those type of fashionable people who likes to be neutral. Put on dark-coloured jeans and give them a double cuff so that a silver line of your skin can be seen at the bottom of the pant. A white colour tee-shirt and a long cardigan matching with golden jewellery will make you look so fashionista.

Oh no!! have we forgotten about booties? Without a perfect pair of ankle boots, your outfit won’t be complete. So, have a pair of tan ankle boots to match your outfit and get ready to go out for a fashionable look

Style with a layered look at winter

In winter, we normally put on a dress to have layered up in our outfits. A long white and black color striped top with wash jeans and a black jacket will be a perfect fit for our winter look. Make sure that the length of the jeans is not too much.

For this wintery look, short length jeans are the perfect fit. You can add a colorful scarf to have a color pop in your look. Then choose a matching pair of ankle boots to have your look complete.

Combat boots and jeans for the wintery look:

When you want to pummel in the winter snow but are unwilling to wear winter boots, you must think about the best alternative. What could be the best alternative? In this situation, combat boots can be your Saviour by keeping you stable in the snow and by giving you warmth in the cold weather. Have a touch of red in the upper part of the jacket and that will give you an elegant, fashionable wintery look.

Style with colored ankle boots:

Just a simple, neutral color skinny jeans can fit with your colorful ankle boots. A simple white tee shirt can be used to style up in this look. Don’t get extra gorgeous jewelry rather let your colorful booties be the attraction point of your outfit.

Have you read the full write-up? See, how to style with ankle boots and jeans in so many ways. Just a pair of ankle boots and a perfect type of jeans can be your all-time favorite fashion wear with which you can have a formal look, causal look, trendy look, classic look, and however, you want.

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