Can You Wash Steel Toe Shoes in The Washing Machine?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: June 28, 2023
Can you wash steel toe shoes in the washing machine?

Steel toe shoes are mainly used in extreme working conditions where there is more chance to get specks of dirt and stain. Therefore, you need to clean it regularly. And you can wash your favorite pair of steel shoes in a couple of ways. 

But when you want to make a quick fix! Can you wash it in the washer?  Is it will be effective or there is a chance of damages or other issues? Yes! In today’s content, we will break down the issue of whether can you wash steel-toe shoes in the washing machine. 

And to ensure this first of all we have to clarify the properties and features of a pair of steel-toe shoes. After that, we can see what happens if we put the pair of steel-toe boots in the washer. 

Let’s get started: 

Properties and quality of steel toe shoes: 

Steal Toe Shoes

First of all, let’s clarify what the purpose of wearing these types of pair of shoes is and why it is called by this name. 

Look: The main perspective is to wearing these types of boots is to give your feet the next level of protection against severe damage. Because a pair of steel-toe boots have a tremendous level of reinforcement capability and ensure optimal security for your feet.  

Typically, it is essential in different industrial and construction areas where there is a massive chance of injury. Overall, it can protect your toes and legs from any type of heavy falling objects. Apart from this, these kinds of shoes can also give protection from slippage, flame, and all types of sharp objects. 

However, now let’s also take the initial idea about the properties of a pair of steel-toe shoes.  

Unlike any composite type boots, a pair of steel-toe shoes come with a thousand times better reinforcement capability. The specialty of these kinds of boots is here you will get a robust toe cap on the front area. 

Apart from this, the entire materials are manufactured with premium quality materials (In most cases high-grade leathers are used). These shoes are a bit heavier, and not recommended to wear them for a longer period.  Another important thing to mention is that these shoes are comparatively more affordable than a pair of composite boots.  

Can I clean my pair of steel-toe shoes in washing machines? 

Of Course! You can clean your favorite pair of steel-toe boots in the washer. And definitely, you can remove the specks of dirt from it. 

But the facts we are unveiling,  from now you will never put your steel-toe shoes in the washer. Yes! That’s true that from a washing machine, you can remove the dirt from a pair of steel-toe boots and we already mentioned it. 

But it will severely damage your steel toe boots and in most cases, it becomes unable to further use like the previous times.  And in the next segment, we will briefly clarify why you should not put your steel-toe shoes in a washer. 

Credit: Best For My Feet

What is the possible drawback of washing your toe boots in the washing machine? 

The properties of any leather items are sealed a lot after putting in water. Besides this, the detergent with harsh chemical properties also makes a  massive change to the leather item. Overall, water is not any recommended option to clean any leather items, especially shoes. 

That means when you are putting your steel toe boots in a washer these get the engagement with the chemical particles of detergent and the constant spin badly hampers its normal structure and properties. 

Like your boots, it can also hamper your washing machine. 

The better alternative? 

As you cannot use a washing machine to clean your steel-toe boots, we are suggesting some effective options also. 

Using saddle soap is a comparatively easier and more effective way to clean your steel-toe boots. You can also use any waterproof spray. Apart from this, you can also use any good quality leather gel. 

Even banana peel is also effective to clean the dirt and give an extra shine to your boots. And bonus you can also fix the squeak issue through it. Anyway, if you want to know more about boot squeaking, you can read this article: “Why does my boot squeak when I walk?”

Even you can also use only a piece of clean cloth to clean your steel-toe boots, and still, it will be a better option than putting it in the washer. 


Overall, through this discussion, we can come to the point that it is not recommendable to wash your steel-toe boots in the washer. It can damage your shoes, and also hamper the washing machine. 

Better to follow our mentioned trick you clean your steel-toe boots.

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