How Do I Make Doc Martens Stop Squeaking?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: October 27, 2023
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If you are pissed off by the squeaking issue of your favorite pair of Doc Marten shoes, you are at the right place. Because of today’s discussion, we will share how to make Doc Martens stop squeaking (with some of the most effective ways).

Initially, we will address the key reason for the squeaking and the trick to finding out where the sound comes from. After that, through our given ways, you can easily get rid of this issue and experience an amazing wear experience. 

So let’s take a closer look and, step by step, grab the entire idea to fix the squeaking issue. 

Why your doc martens so squeaky?

Doc Martins are mainly unique for their ultra-soft double-layer cushion. Beasied a comfortable, wearable experience, you will just love its catchy design, and this profound brand is highly trustable for its lifetime durability. 

But the issue is that, typically, a new pair of either vegan or regular Doc Martens has the tendency to squeak a little bit. Gradually, this annoying sound will move on. But if you notice that this irritating squeaking is not going away anyway, it is time to address the source from which this sound is coming and the reasons behind it.

So let’s see the reason why Doc Martin squeaks :

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Friction between the outer sole and ground :

Typically, a pair of Doc Martens squeaks due to the friction between the ground and outer sole. This type of friction mainly occurs on the face. Even vegan doc Martens squeaks due to the friction between the eylest and the doc’s tongue.

Wet shoes squeak a lot : 

If your shoes get wet, there is a massive chance that they will make noise while you are wearing them. Usually, the mud, excessive sweat, and rainwater are the main culprits behind it. As a result, the inner sole gets dumped and makes an annoying sound when you walk. 

Unfitting doc martens :

The improper Doc Martens shoes squeak a lot. Usually, the oversized boots squeak due to the inside friction. On the other hand, tighter boots cause excessive pressure on the foot and create friction. 

Apart from these reasons, stiff soles, overused docs, and manufacturing defaults cause your Doc Martin’s shoes to squeak. Especially when you wear a pair of Do Martens over the years, the sole gets stiff and the seams loosen. With these overall factors mentioned, you may witness this squeaking. 

Now, let’s see how to de-squeak your favorite pair of Doc Martens shoes:

Now, let’s see how to de-squeak your favorite pair of Doc Martens shoes:

Hacks to fix squeaking from your doc marten shoes:

In a couple of ways, you can fix squeaking boots. But when it comes to fixing the squeaking from your Doc Martens shoes, our provided tips will give you the most effective outcome.  

Ways to fix squeaking from inner sole: 

Usually, vegan Doc Martins have a greater chance of squeaking from the inside than a pair of regular Doc Martins. But with the given tricks  you can easily get rid of this issue

Using a baby powder:  

Baby powder will be the best remedy to fix the squeaking problem. No matter from which pair of boots the sound comes, using a small amount of bay powder is enough to ensure de-squeaking.  Just find the spot and apply a few drops of baby powder. Then rub it gently.  

It mainly smooths the surface and helps to avoid inner and outer friction. 

Replace the sole: 

Even after using baby powder, if you do not get a satisfactory result, it is better to replace the sole. Most of the time, it’s excessive dryness, and even in some cases, the wet soles cause this irritating squeaking. 

Instead of a sole, you can insert a piece of paper towel. But the thing to keep in mind is that you need to replace it regularly. The paper towel mostly helps to absorb the moisture level and reduce the chance of friction. 

Oil, fabric softener, and talcum powder: 

Like baby powder, you can also use talcum powder or coconut oil to fix the squeaking issue. Especially after using a few drops of coconut oil, let it absorb. Then use a small amount of talcum powder. Yes! It will magically work. 

Initially, the use of oil drops will help to smooth the surface and remove the stiffness. After that, using talcum powder will help to absorb the moisture level and remarkably minimize the chance of friction.

Moreover, you can also use softener sheets that will help fix inside squeaking.

Ways to fix squeaking from outer sole:

Ways to fix squeaking from outer sole

Usually, we rarely notice that a pair of Doc Martens squeaks from the outer part, especially   Yes! A new pair of Doc Martens squeaks a little bit from the outer areas, and we already mentioned it. But after breaking it properly and frequent uses, you will never notice this irritating sound. 

Still, if you face this issue, it’s better to scrape these soles. After that, the noise will disappear. 

Wrap Up

Doc Martens are highly popular for their double-cushioned, soft soles. Initially, it was only manufactured for military use. But these pair of boots are now popular with climbers and travelers; even if you want to customize your style with your casual outfit, Doc Martens could be the best footwear. 

But the problem occurs when this favorite pair squeaks a little bit. Therefore, in today’s discussion, we tried to address the issue of what the reasons are for squeaking and how to fix them. So, if you follow our hacks, you can de-squeak it and get a comfortable wearing experience.

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