How to Keep Socks from Falling Down in Boots?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: October 27, 2023
Feature image How to keep socks from falling down in boots

Nothing is more irritating like failing your shocks over and over, and it becomes more disturbing to pull it up frequently.  And you are not alone, who have been suffering from this issue and desperately finding a possible solution.

Considering this we are finding effective solutions to keep shocks from falling in boots.  

Typically,  in today’s discussion, we will address the three most effective hacks to fix this issue. Yes, all of these methods will have some pros and limitations also.  We will illustrate all of these factors.

We will also express to you some pro tips to avoid this problem.  The most important thing is from this content you can address the key reasons why your shocks failing down frequently.

Let’s get started: 

3 proven hacks to keep your shocks from falling down in boots:

Using Elastic Thread: 

Using the elastic thread would be the most effective way to prevent your pair of shocks from slipping. Especially, this method is very helpful when you are weaning any extra large socks. The thing you have to do is sew the elastic thread to both the top and bottom areas of your shocks. 

After that, you will notice a strong grip, but it will be not too firm.  Overall, it can help to hold your shocks in place and there will be no single chance of falling. 

Applying a rubber band: 

Using a rubber band could be another effective solution to get rid of socks slippage, and this effortless process will take a couple of minutes only. Just tie this band around the top of the socks (a little bit up from the calf). Even you can use these tricks for knee socks and get rid of pulling your socks at random times.   

Fashion Tape: 

Take both sides of the fashion tape and cut 1 to 1.⅕ inches. These tapes are designed to use on your skin. Just put it on your knees and pill off the other side.

infographic 3 proven hacks to keep your shocks from falling down.

Now, pull your socks and it will stay all day long. Like the previously mentioned two methods, this method is also effortless and takes less time. However, also make sure that you have no skin issues, and the tape is recommendable for fabric. 

Apart from all of these mentioned methods, you can also imply the following tricks: 

Scotch tape: 

Scotch tape can also hold your socks all day long,  and this trick is also effortless and cost-effective. You can tie it just on the top of your calf areas. But a downside is you cannot wear it for a longer time. There is a massive chance of discomfort and irritation for its long-term wearing. 

Socks rings: 

Socks rings are another easy and fastest way to prevent your socks from slipping down. The best thing is it can properly hold your socks and has no chance of slippage. Moreover, there is no chance of discomfort or skin irritation.  But a downside is socks and rings are a bit expensive. 

Thicker socks:

Thicker socks have a comparatively lesser chance of falling. Usually, these pairs stay for a longer time for tiger grip. But the problem is these pairs are not recommended during summer times. 

Now, let us show why your pair of socks failing down frequently: 

3 key Reasons for saggy socks: 

Using the oversized socks:

If your pair of socks are too large or not fit for your legs,  there is a massive chance of sagging. Therefore, you must avoid the extra large socks and get rid of the swaging issue. 

Poor quality material :

You should also check the fabric quality and the elastic type. Usually, poor quality socks have more tendency to lose elasticity and cases of falling.

Overused and bleached-washed socks: 

Bleach wash is mainly used to remove stubborn dirt from white socks. But bleach washing also has several drawbacks. The key problem is it can discolor the fabric.  Another remarkable drawback is it can also minimize the fabric’s longevity and elasticity. As a result, there is a massive chance of socks swaging. 

Infographic of 3 key reasons for saggy socks.

However, we will also suggest following the given tricks to prevent your socks  from falling: 

  • Apply sock glue: Socks glue will be a strong adhesive that helps to prevent your socks from falling. 
  • Get the right size: If you take the right pair of socks with proper fitting, there is less chance of socks swaging.
  • Get snug-fitting boots:  Loose boots have more chance to make your socks slip down. The best option is weaning snug-fitting boots for a comfortable wear experience.
Socks with sandals are on trend for spring/summer

Wrap Up

Overall, all of our suggested methods will give you the ultimate solution to prevent your pair of socks from falling in boots.  Besides this, also try to get the proper fitting boots, and socks with quality material, and also care about proper positioning.

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