How to Draw Boots?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: March 15, 2023
how to draw boots
how draw boots

Shoes that cover the full foot as well as the ankles are referred to as boots. Others go all the way down to the calf or even the whole leg. Boots are specifically created to protect us from the elements such as cold, dampness, and potentially hazardous industrial products. There are many distinct sorts of boots that are used for various occasions. Chelsea boots are a kind of shoe that is used for horse riding. Timberland boots are usually used by working people to keep them warm and they are also used for trekking since they are waterproof. Steel-toed boots are used by construction workers. Knee-high boots, Russian boots, wellington boots, and many more are examples of other styles of boots. Shoes and boots are no longer just made of leather; recyclable polymers are increasingly being utilized in the production of footwear and boots. Consequently, there are many different types of boots, and to draw each style of boot, you must follow the appropriate drawing processes. The most of it should be covered by our article on how to draw boots.

in this tutorial will explain how to draw boots, Specially;

  • Hiking Boots
  • Cowboy Boots

Students may sketch boots as part of a homework assignment or as a recreational activity. To keep up with the latest fashion trends, some expert designers develop whole new boot types. However, you can sketch boots on a sheet of paper with a pencil and eraser if you don’t have access to expensive professional software like Illustrator. You may even add other colors to the designs once they have been completed.

No matter what style of boots you design, three common components must be included e.g., soles, uppers, and leggings. We will demonstrate the procedures involved in sketching hiking boots and cowboy boots in particular.

Drawing Hiking Boots:


Hiking boots are worn for outdoor actions. So, they have rigid soles.

Here are the steps by step guide that should you to draw amazing hiking boots,

Step – 01: The shape and size are wider for hiking boots, so from the right upper corner to the left side of the toe box, sketch the outlines for them. 

Step – 02: Draw the bottom base for the soles like any other boots.

Step – 03: Then outline the upper side of the boots which covers the ankle.

Step – 04: Outline the toe box and tongue. The tongue should be a bit longer than the length of the boot.

Step – 05: Draw a broad sole under the bottom base.

Step – 06: On both sides, draw parallel rings for the ribbon which makes it look perfect.

Step – 07: Add zig-zag laces

Step – 08: Outline the entire boot with a marker to make it more visible.

Step – 09: If there are any unnecessary lines, erase them.

Drawing Cowboy Boots:

Cowboy boots are slightly longer than the other types of boots. They are usually used for horse riding.

draw cowboy boots

Step – 01: Start from the top of the boot, draw two vertical lines below and connect the lines with the top.

Step – 02: Curvy lines should be used to draw the bottom of the boot. 

Step – 03: Left end of the bottom side should be a bit lower. Then draw a hill on the right end and double the lines at the bottom of the boot.

Step – 04: Attach a ring with a strip at the top to make it more appealing.

Step – 05: You may add a band with an attached star at the middle of the upper and lower part of the boot.

Step – 06: On the long upper part of the boot, draw a large five-pointed star.

Step – 07: To make the lines more attractive, add a dotted outline around them.

Step – 08: Color the boot in any color you like.

Drawing boots is not a tough chore to do. Initial practice should be done on paper, and then, after you have learned the fundamentals, you should go to using professional tools to design your final product.

We hope you find our tutorial on “How to Draw Boots” useful. 

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