Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Your Feet? – Know the Truth

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 25, 2023
Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Your Feet?

Hey Dude shoes have been around since the summer of 2008, and consumers still adore this line of footwear. These shoes are becoming more and more popular as casual footwear since they are so cozy and fashionable. Are Hey Dude shoes good for your feet, though? If I were to sum them up in a word, they are truly great rather than just good!

This in-depth presentation will center on all the incredible qualities and elements that make Hey Dude shoes so comfy and beneficial to foot health. I’ll go over everything here, and then I’ll show you the information from actual customers and their evaluations of this brand. Let’s get right into this in-depth conversation.

The Importance of Good Shoes for Your Feet:

Before discussing the good features of Hey Dude shoes, it is essential to comprehend the significance of appropriate footwear for the health and comfort of your feet. Your feet are essential for supporting your entire body weight, and if they are not adequately supported or cushioned, this can lead to a variety of problems, such as blisters, calluses, and even long-term foot and back discomfort.

Investing in shoes that fit well, provide adequate support, and are constructed from high-quality materials is vital for preserving healthy feet. At this point, Hey Dude shoes meet all the requirements that your foot needs. Let’s see some of the important factors.

Essential Features That Make A Shoe Good for Your Feet:

Essential Features That Make A Shoe Good for Your Feet

So how can you be sure that the shoes you are going to buy are actually good for your feet? Whether a shoe is good for feet depends on certain essential features of that shoe. A shoe actually becomes pretty good only by fulfilling the condition of having some essential function. Let’s take a look at all the things that you must check before you buy your shoes.

Good Arch Support:

This arch support feature is essential for individuals with plantar fasciitis. Often, inserts within the shoe give this support. These little gadgets or inserts are typically used to cure or prevent shoe-related foot irritation. Hence, before purchasing any footwear, you should ensure that it has this arch support feature.

Snug Fit:

Shoe fit is very important. It should not be too small and tight, nor should it be too big or wide. Shoes that are too tight will cause friction blisters or sores on your feet. Moreover, it can create bunions in the foot, see our recommendation of hiking boots for bunions here.

If the shoes are too loose, you will not be able to walk properly because it is likely to be loose while walking. And that’s why before buying any shoe, you should see if it fits properly according to your foot size. For this reason, good brands keep this in mind and market different sizes of shoes.

Good Shock Absorption Ability:

While you are walking or standing for extended periods on your foot, it is essential to have adequate shock absorption capacity in your shoes. If you are an athlete or often you do exercises at your home, it is essential that your shoes have shock-absorbing capabilities because these shoes will prevent foot muscle pain. So, while purchasing any shoe, always look for this feature.

They Have Laces or A Strap:

They Have Laces or A Strap

The laces are very important for a good fit on foot. Footwears that have laces or velcro are much more comfortable to wear.


The breathability of a shoe refers to its capacity to allow air to circulate inside. The better a shoe is for the foot, the more breathable its fabric. This will prevent your feet from sweating excessively profusely, hence minimizing the odor inside your shoes.

If the feet sweat a lot excessively, there is an increased risk of foot chafing and other types of fungal diseases. Consider this function carefully before purchasing shoes.

Flexibility or Softness:

Flexible and soft footwear is healthy for the feet. It will not harm or injure your feet. Thus, this feature should also be evaluated.

Width and Breadth:

If you have wide feet, this is crucial. You should attempt to purchase shoes that are sufficiently wide for your foot measurement. Your feet may have hammertoes if you do not wear the appropriate wide-width footwear. So, you need always be cautious when selecting your footwear.

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of whether a shoe is good or not, as I have covered almost all of the features ‍above that make a shoe good quality. Now let’s see what features Hey Dude shoes have that make them unique and great.

Hey Dude Shoes Have Arch Support:

Your shoes need to have good arch support to be more comfortable. There are many arch support shoes on the market. If you compare the Hey Dude brand with other brands of shoes in the market, you will understand that the arch support feature of Hey Dude shoes is not very advanced, and this shoe brand’s insoles are insufficient for persons with flat feet. 

Hey Dude’s shoes typically have memory foam, which will create the sensation of walking on air. The memory foam insoles of these shoes are removable. So you can take them outside to clean and dry them whenever you want. Or, if you prefer, you can also replace these memory foam insoles with custom orthotics.

Custom insoles for fallen arches are really great for your foot health. Those insoles will make your Hey Dude shoes more comfortable than before. As the other features of Hey Dude shoes are great, purchasing custom-made insoles can be a great idea because it will make your shoes more comfortable with the insoles you buy than the other expensive shoes available in the market.

Don’t forget that this arch support will also reduce your heel pain if you have been suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Hey Dude Shoes Are Good for Flat Feet:

Flat feet or fallen arches are also known as pes planus. Did you know that? This is basically a condition in which the foot’s arch collapses, causing the entire sole to make contact with the floor when standing or walking.

Hey Dude, shoes are designed with this in mind. Shoes without proper foot support or with poor arch support can cause severe foot pain to those who have flat feet. The modern Hey Dude shoes are designed with a supportive insole which will maintain good health for your feet.

You already know that Hey Dude shoes provide arch support, but they are not so advanced. But they are now developing this feature to make Hey Dude shoes comfortable. I already suggest that you can purchase custom insoles which will make your shoes super comfortable, and you will feel like you are walking in the air.

People with heel pain (who have plantar fasciitis and flat feet) can choose the Hey Dude brand without any doubt because they use thick memory foam insole in manufacturing these shoes. 

Hey Dude Shoes Are Good For Plantar Fasciitis:

Hey Dude shoes are renowned for their lightweight, flexible, and comfy construction. These features and functions make them an excellent option for individuals with plantar fasciitis. Here I disclosed some of the reasons why Hey Dude footwear is beneficial for anyone with this specific condition:

Arch Support:

Hey Dude shoes are mainly constructed with a memory foam insole that provides good arch support, which is vital for individuals with plantar fasciitis.


The soft and supportive sole of these shoes always assists you in absorbing shock and lessens the stress on the feet, which will also reduce muscle pain. 


Hey Dude shoes are constructed with lightweight and flexible materials. This will allow the feet to move naturally and reduce the risk of muscular strain or foot fatigue. Definitely!


The upper of the shoes is generally constructed from breathable fabric. This helps to keep the feet dry, and this assists in minimizing the risk of skin irritation or bacterial infection caused by perspiration.

Hey Dude Shoes Do Not Cause Foot Pain:

Hey Dude Shoes Do Not Cause Foot Pain

If you wear Hey Dude shoes every day, you will not face any foot pain caused by shoe-related issues. Shoes with good arch support do not cause any pain in the foot. A pair of Hey dude shoes can solve this problem easily, so you can buy Hey Dude shoes.

These shoes are also available in wide-fitting sizes, so if you have wide feet and you are looking for shoes that are wide enough, then you can purchase them from the market or online stores. So, to keep your feet healthy and pain-free, you can buy this brand undoubtedly.

Hey Dude Shoes Are Good for Walking or Standing All Day:

A pair of Hey Dude shoes are great for walking around or standing all day comfortably. Are Hey Dude shoes good for standing all day? If I want to answer in short, I have to say, yes, they are definitely good (click the link to read more about this). The comfort, support, and stylish design of this shoe will surely blow your mind. That’s why whether you walk or stand all day long, these shoes will be the best choice for your feet.

Positive Customer Reviews:

This brand also got many positive reviews from its present customers. If we browse at Amazon, we discover that this brand has hundreds of favorable customer reviews and that each shoe model has an average rating of 4.7 stars.

The average rating for the Hey Dude Wally Men’s Lace-Up Loafers and Hey Dude Wendy Women’s Lace-Up Loafers is 4.7. The Wally Men’s Lace Up Loafers have received a great deal of acclaim, particularly for flat feet. Customers highly suggest these shoes for their lightweight construction and superior comfort.

So, it can be stated that this brand’s footwear will be quite healthy for your feet. No doubt!

To Sum Up!

In conclusion, Hey Dude sneakers have gained immense popularity among consumers due to their price, style, and comfort. Shoes are vital for supporting and keeping healthy feet, and Hey Dude sneakers have all the elements that make for terrific shoes. Hey Dude shoes have arch support, a snug fit, effective shock absorption, laces or straps, breathability, flexibility or softness, as well as width and depth.

Although the Hey Dude sneakers’ arch support may not be particularly advanced, the memory foam insoles make them pleasant. If you’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis, custom insoles can make your shoes more comfortable and alleviate heel pain. Overall, Hey Dude sneakers are not only of high quality but also beneficial to your feet.


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