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By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 28, 2023
Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Standing All Day blog

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Hey Dude was established in Italy in 2008, and the company was founded by Alessandro Rosano with only two goals in mind, comfortable to wear and accessible. This Italian shoe brand gradually became popular all over the USA because the shoes are comfortable and have a great style.

There is no doubt the lightweight feature, great arch support, stylish construction, and very good traction support make this shoe brand stand out from the rest.

Now let’s get to the real topic, are Hey Dude shoes good for standing all day? This is very important for people who usually work standing for long hours.

If I have to say directly, I will say, Yes, this brand’s shoes are good enough for standing all day long. But why am I really saying these shoes are good? Surely there is something behind it, right?

These shoes are good because lightweight materials are always used while making these shoes, and keeping these shoes comfortable to wear and walk in is also kept in mind. And since this brand has so many stylish models, everyone likes it, and as I said before, this is the main reason for the popularity of this shoe brand.

So if you want a stylish look and want your shoes to be more comfortable and durable, you can definitely choose this Italian brand.

15 Features That Make Hey Dude Shoes Good for Standing All Day

Let’s discuss the great fifteen features of this brand of shoes in more detail

1. Hey Dude Shoes Are Good and Comfortable:

Comfort is a very crucial factor for all-day standing footwear. If you have to stand all day at work and if your shoes are not comfortable for you, it will be very difficult for you to work in a stable manner. Isn’t it?

Any shoes that cause discomfort can cause foot pain and other foot-related problems. Which basically results in you not being able to concentrate at work and having to stay home for days with sore feet. For this reason, doctors and podiatrists recommend using good and comfortable shoes.

The shoes of this brand usually have a rounded toe, and this shoe design is followed before the shoes are made. The rounded toe will give your feet complete freedom of movement, and it will never cause pain in your toe bones. Also, lightweight outsole and breathable cotton fabric will give your feet ultimate comfort. And all this you will find in Hey Dude brand shoes.

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2. Hey Dude Shoes Are Stylish:

Although this feature is not very important for an all-day standing shoe, above all comfort and great durability, Hey Dude’s footwear is a bit more stylish than other footwear on the market. You can choose from a variety of styles if you want.

The shoes of this brand are very useful for traveling. You will get multiple color options on the same model. Many times you have seen or experienced, you have got a shoe that is very comfortable and long-lasting, but the style doesn’t look good, or you can’t really find the color that you like. Isn’t that what happens most of the time? Keeping this in mind, Hey Dude has created many color options and stylish footwear. That’s why you can get everything that you want in these world’s best brands of shoes.

3. Perfect Fitting:

Another important factor in selecting shoes for standing throughout the day is perfect fitting. Hey Dude shoes are comfortable because this brand of shoes fits anyone’s feet very well according to their foot size. These are proven by the customers (you can easily see their product reviews, basically the reviews that are written in Amazon’s product review section.) That’s why Hey Dude shoes are the ideal pair of shoes for wearing all day. 

Hey Dude shoes are designed with perfect fitting, excellent arch support, and comfort in mind to ensure that your shoes are always on.

For example, Hey Dude Wally Sox shoes of this brand are very popular because of their snug-fitting feature. This footwear is made of breathable cotton fabric and has perfect elastic material for a comfortable fit. Generally, the term ‘snug fitting’ means that your feet will fit perfectly in such a way that you will not face any tight feelings or movement problems while walking.

4. Flexible Upper:

The upper part of the shoes of this brand is mainly made of long-lasting textiles. Hey Dude shoes are much more flexible and comfortable as the upper is made of fabric. A lightweight and more flexible shoe like this is best for working on your feet all day.

5. Well-Designed Toe Box:

The fourth feature that you should consider before buying any footwear is the toe box. So, what is a toe box? The part at the front of any shoe that covers the toes and protects your toe bones by allowing them to move freely is widely known as the toe box. It’s simple, right? So while buying shoes, always try to make sure that the toe box is large enough, and if it is rounded, it will be good for your foot’s movement inside the footwear.

Hey Dude always cares for it, always. Their manufactured shoes typically contain a rounded toe box, and they tend to be large enough to be comfortable for your feet. That’s why your toe area will never feel sore from continuous walking or standing all day long, and you will be able to move around without any trouble in your feet.

A well-designed toe box will also protect the foot from various ailments and injuries. So, when you are looking for a good pair of shoes that will give enough value for your money, then choosing the Hey Dude brand will be an excellent decision.

6. Well-Designed Heel Cups:

Getting well cushioning and heel support is important to make sure that your heels stay in the right place every time you wear your shoes and go to the workplace or travel. Better heel cups provide these facilities.

So, what are heel cups? Heel cups are a sort of orthotic device that is placed right under your heel to give you cushioning and support.

Hey Dude footwear contains well-designed heel cups, which will provide you snug and secure fit. It also plays a great role in protecting your ankle from external injuries. So while buying shoes, check whether the heel cup is sturdy and comfortable for the foot, but Hey Dude’s heel cup is always good quality.

7. Insole:

The memory foam cushioned footbed of the Hey Dude shoes will provide maximum comfort to your arch and feet. The insoles of this brand’s pair of shoes are designed in a way that reduces the smell of sweat inside the shoes, and they are definitely removable. That’s why you can easily remove and wash the insoles when needed or make them to dry in the air outside. It will also relieve your feet from Plantar Fasciitis by providing a nice arch support.

8. Outsole:

The outsole is the rubber support provided below the outside of the shoe to protect your feet from external injuries, along with providing traction and stability. Shoes usually have rubber-grooved flexible soles so that you can walk easily, even on slippery surfaces. Hey Dude uses high-quality outsole materials in their shoes which are also long-lasting. So, when you are going to purchase a new pair of shoes for yourself or your friend & family members, don’t forget to check the outsole.

9. Lightweight:

These shoes are made using very light materials like fabric in the upper part and rubber in the lower part. As a result, the shoes do not cause any difficulty when you walk around. Hey Dude shoes weigh an average of 6 ounces.

10. Well Cushioning:

First of all, Hey Dude shoes are designed with comfort and accessibility in mind. The insole of the shoe that sits right under your feet is made primarily of memory foam, and this memory foam is also a very good shock absorber.

The foam lining on the arch of these shoes will fit your feet perfectly, so whether you’re standing all day at work or walking around in the shoes, you’ll always feel comfortable.

There is a very soft fabric inside the shoe, so there is no problem even if you don’t wear socks. Having this soft fabric will prevent your feet from getting chafing caused by new shoes (we all have experienced this chafing problem with new shoes).

11. High Breathability:

Hey Dude shoes are highly breathable because the upper part of the shoes typically uses a special type of fabric that allows air to circulate inside the shoe to keep your feet healthy and dry. You can wear this type of shoe during the summer season. The high breathability feature of this shoe will protect your feet from excess sweat and will not create too much odor inside the shoe. That’s why you can purchase and use Hey Dude’s shoes to stay free from foot problems in the summer. But for winter and rainy seasons, try to buy their Lace Up Loafers. Here you will find a comprehensive list of Hey Dudes shoes for winter and rainy seasons.

12. Better Ankle and Achilles Tendon Support:

If you have foot pain or an injury, you need shoes that also provide Ankle and Achilles tendon support. So if you want to buy Hey Dude shoes, make sure to check if they have these features.

However, you will get Better Ankle and Achilles Tendon Support in Hey Dude’s Paul Chambray Shoes. This shoe is also well-water-resistant, so you can keep this shoe on your wishlist for rainy or winter days.

13. Durability:

If you’re spending money on shoes to stand in all day, be sure to pay attention to durability. A quick look at Hey Dude’s product reviews online will tell you that these shoes are very durable. There you will see that many users are very happy about this. Customers who purchased Hey Dude shoes online (Amazon website, Walmart, etc.) reported that the hey dude shoes were very durable. Many customers say that they have had their shoes for several years and they are still in good condition.

Hey Dude’s shoes are very durable as they are made of very high-quality materials, and this is one of the reasons for their customer satisfaction.

14. Warranty:

It would be wise to check if the Hey Dude shoes have a warranty before buying them. Shoes that come with a warranty are usually of very good quality. Hey Dude typically offers a thirty-day warranty service on their manufactured shoes.

15. Price:

Price is also a very important factor in choosing shoes for standing all day, isn’t it? You can buy many shoes for the same price but will you get all these features? Probably not! Hey Dude shoes are not too expensive, and you can easily buy these shoes within your budget.

Wrap Up

Hey Dude shoes have been ruling the shoe market with popularity for a long. In short, Comfort, Support, Durability, Warranty, and Price are the five awesome qualities that make Hey Dude brand unique from other brands.

Due to its midsole, insole, and stretchy upper fabric being prepared with advanced materials, you can do any work comfortably all day wearing this shoe. And so, if someone asks you now, are Hey Dude shoes good for standing all day? You can say, Yes! The Hey Dude shoes are really good!

So, I’m finishing the blog today. See you in the next blog!

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  1. My brother bought me a pair of hey dudes for my birthday. He kept telling me how comfortable they were. I was very skeptical as it is very difficult for me to find a pair of shoes that are comfortable due to my foot issues. Anyway i thought sure i will try them. I have been having a lot of foot pain lately in my heel and a long the sides of my feet for a few months now, enough that by the end of my work day i am limping from the pain. I work them to work from forgetting to switch them out. My point is although my feet had a low dull pain in them my feet for the most part felt amazingly better then they have in weeks. I love Hey Dudes and will buy them myself in the future. They are even good for my bunions as i barely feel them on my feet at all. Thank you for making such an amazing shoe!

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