Do Hey Dudes Have Good Arch Support? The Ultimate Guide!

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 25, 2023
Do Hey Dudes Have Good Arch Support?

Hey Dude enthusiasts frequently ask, “Do Hey Dudes have good arch support?”  This question led to another: “Is Hey Dude good for your feet?” — the straight answer is Yes!  

Undoubtedly, these shoes aren’t just stylish; they prioritize the well-being of your feet. This brand stands out as a favorable choice for those seeking footwear that not only looks good but also feels good. 

But why are those urban-style shoes good? Why will they be a good choice for you? So let’s start with the basics!

Why Does Your Feet Really Need Arch Support?

Why Does Your Feet Really Need Arch Support?

The part of your shoes that sits directly beneath your foot is called the arch support. It is primarily designed for four arch foot support. From the bottom to the top, it lines up with the body.

 We all have a hectic lifestyle, from getting up to working out, jogging, or living an active lifestyle, and we all require orthotic footwear. Even some elderly people with foot, knee, or hip pain need to be comfortable when they are walking or standing. 

However, instead of this, here are the key reasons why shoes need arch support-

  • Keeping the feet in their natural alignment prevents rolling inward or outward.
  • Distributing the body’s weight evenly across the foot to reduce excessive pressure.
  • Absorbing the impact forces that occur during walking or running from excessive strain and potential injuries.
  • Reducing muscle fatigue in the foot’s muscles for efficient movement.
  • Maintaining balance, stability, and overall foot health. 

Take a closer look at Hey Dude Footwear before moving on to our main answer.  

An Overview of  Hey Dude 

An Overview of  Hey Dude 

Hey Dude shoes are the perfect fusion of cutting-edge design and unmatched comfort. It has completely changed the way we think about casual shoes and taken the footwear industry by storm.

This footwear is perfect for everything, whether it’s for casual hangouts, urban exploration, beachside walks, or active adventures. Even classic neutrals, vibrant colors, or unique patterns are available in their collection. 

With their top-notch and lightweight design, they give you the sensation of slipping your feet into a cloud. These carefully crafted shoes are made to fit perfectly and make every step easy. 



This epitome of comfort and style has so many features that set apart from the rest- 

  • Flexibility: Flex & Fold Technology allows the sole to bend and adapt to your foot’s natural movement, even if you’re walking on a rocking road. It provides you with unparalleled comfort.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight design and construction of the Hey Dude footwear are a total game-changer. It reduces fatigue and makes all-day wear a pleasure.  It is like putting on a second skin that you will not want to remove.
  • Memory-Foam: Memory foam insoles are included with several footwear models of this brand. This cushioning moulds to your foot’s shape, providing great comfort and support whether it’s morning or night.
  • Materials: The shoes are made of high-quality, breathable materials that allow for proper foot ventilation, especially during warm weather.
  • Slip-on: The majority of this Italian-based footwear brand’s collection features slip-on styles, making them extremely convenient for those on the go. There is no need to fuss with laces.
  • Durable: The outsole’s construction supports a variety of terrains to walk on. It ensures that your footwear remains in accurate condition even after adventures.


As we have already mentioned, Hey Dude shoes are made of comfortable materials, so naturally, they use materials that are excellent at providing support and comfort even last longer than others. Let’s get to the point of which materials Hey Dude Shoes use the most-

  • This brand of shoes typically uses leather for their footwear because it is a strong and versatile material.  You can get a classic look, good breathability, and shapeability for the foot in wet or humid environments.
  • Suede is another type of leather with a softer, napped surface. Although it has a reputation for having a luxurious appearance, full-grain leather is less prone to water damage, stains, and scuffs. However, it is one of the sustainable and stylistic apparent materials used to make a pair of Hey Dude shoes.
  • The lining and insole of shoes frequently contain microfiber. This smooth, soft material feels luxurious against your skin and improves comfort.
  • Woven texture Cotton is a type of textured or woven cotton fabric. It might have a distinctive look and be breathable, but it might not be as durable as leather or synthetic fabrics.
  • Memory foam insoles are frequently used in Hey Dude shoes. It accurately adapts to the contours of your feet to provide customized cushioning and support.
  • This brand’s outsoles or footbeds are mostly made of cork, a lightweight, renewable material. For some users, it can be cozy and offer cushioning.
  • The durability, speed of drying, and stretch resistance of polyester make it a popular synthetic material. For added strength, Hey Dude’s shoe manufacturing frequently uses it in shoe laces and specific areas of shoe soles.
  • Hey Dude shoes shock-absorbing material, EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) in the sole are light on your feet and offer comfort and cushioning.

As the demand for eco-friendly footwear increases, This Italian footwear brand takes the initiative to investigate and incorporate greener options. Organic cotton, recycled plastics, and other materials could be used as substitutes. So that both your feet and the environment are at ease.

Now we have arrived at the section that led you  here via Google SERPs!

Do Hey Dude Shoes Have Arch Support?

Do Hey Dude Shoes Have Arch Support?

If we give the answer, of course it must be in the form of a Big Yes!

It’s crafted from memory foam insoles and has a spacious toe area that molds to your foot’s shape. This means no more discomfort or pressure on the bottom of the foot and toes – it’s all about alleviating pain and discomfort. Plus, it even offers a removable insole. If you require extra arch foot support, you can easily swap it out or personalize it to your liking.

The arch support makes Hey Dude shoes good for standing all day! When you suffer from plantar fasciitis or any other foot condition, listen up! Hey Dude help reduce arch pain. Why? They’ve got cozy memory arch support insoles that do wonders. For those with mild to moderate foot discomfort, especially plantar fasciitis, it must be a solid choice for every man with wide feet. 

Why is Hey Dude Shoes famous all around the globe for manufacturing arch-supportive shoes, especially in America? If we dig a bit further, we can find the brand’s unique technology soles and ultra-thick memory insoles.

Arch support does two great things: it spreads your weight when you walk and shields your arches, keeping foot pain at bay during strolls or jogs. And when you slip on shoes with this supportive shoe feature, it feels like walking on air – comfy and breezy!

Arch Support Shoes from Hey Dude: The Top Four List

Arch Support Shoes from Hey Dud

Are you looking for a list of good arch-supported shoes from the Hey Dude brand? These boots are designed with excellent arch support in mind. These shoes have a removable memory foam insole to provide proper cushioning for your feet. Let’s have a look then.

 1. Scott Grip for Men

2. Denny for Women

3. Duke Shield for Men

4.  Spencer for Men

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

If we were to choose which shoes are best for flat feet, we should choose those that provide midfoot stability and support. Here, the Hey Dudes footwear collection comes in second place.

When you have problems with leveled feet, or any of your family members who always find it difficult to put on shoes because of their flat fit? Try Hey Dudes midfoot stable shoes.  By the way, the flat-foot problem is usually seen in adults.

For those who don’t know what flat feet actually are, the curved part that can be seen in the middle of the sole of the foot is called the arch (that is, the part that is bent like a bow under the foot). 

Many feet do not have this bow-like part. As a result, when standing, that particular part of the sole of the foot touches the ground, and this type of foot is called feet with fallen arches.

So, let’s answer the question: Are Hey Dude shoes good for flat feet? Yes. This brand manufactures shoes that are really good for flat-footed people. 

Hey Dude shoes are designed with nice support and cushioning sole features. That’s why, if you have flat feet and want to keep your feet healthy, this brand’s sneakers and loafers will be a great choice.

List of Hey Dude Flat-Footed Shoes Which Have Nice Insoles

List of Hey Dude Flat-Footed Shoes Which Have Nice Insoles

To support your feet properly, a shoe must have supportive insoles. This list includes shoes that are well-cushioned, supportive to the foot, and use flex & fold technology. Let’s take a look.

Shoes and Sandals for Flat-Footed Women from the Hey Dude Brand:

  1. Wendy Chambray
  2. Wendy Lace-Up Loafers
  3. Moccasins
  4. Sirocco Women
  5. Meg

Shoes and Sandals for Flat-Footed Men from the Hey Dude Brand:

  1.  Sirocco
  2. Wally Camouflage
  3. Wally Serape
  4. Phoenix Basic Knit
  5. Kob Sox

Are Hey Dudes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes. Hey, dude, shoes are unquestionably beneficial to plantar fasciitis. People with plantar fasciitis can expect better results from Hey Dude shoes because they use advanced thick insoles. You can wear Hey Dude shoes casually, and their sneakers and loafers are of very good quality.

You already know that Hey Dudes have arch support, and they are also available for flat feet or fallen arches. They are super flexible, which will provide you with comfort and support. So, if you are facing plantar fasciitis problems in your feet, choosing the Hey Dude footwear may be a good option.

Are Hey Dudes Slip Resistant?

Hey Dude’s shoes are not certified as slip-resistant, so they aren’t much help if you’re looking for slip-resistant shoes. However, Hey Dude’s Scott Grip and Duke Shield shoes for boys and Denny Slip-on shoes for women are excellent choices. Because these shoes have a nice outsole.

If you read the online reviews, you will notice that while the Hey Dude provides excellent arch support, the shoes do not have the best slip-resistant properties for everyday use. If you want to buy a good non-slip shoe with good arch support, Duke Shield is the best choice for boys and Denny is the best choice for girls, especially for winter wear, as I previously stated.

Shoes without slip-resistant facilities can be a problem when you want them to be used in the rainy season. If you’re looking for a shoe that is made for high arches, has a soft insole, and provides more comfort and stability when you have to work all day, you can make a purchase from Hey Dude’s Amazon store.

But if you need slip-resistant shoes that already have many positive reviews online and will be super comfortable for you to reduce foot pain (if you have it), then the Duke Shield from Hey Dude is a great shoe.

Why are Hey Dudes Good for Your Feet?

two hey dude shoes

Yes. Hey dudes, you are definitely good for your feet. The company’s flex and fold technology makes their shoes special for people with heel pain.

But if you haven’t felt any pain in your feet from plantar fasciitis or any other problem, Hey Dudes will also be a great choice. Why? You can find the accurate reason here, especially on Are Hey Dudes Good for Your Feet?

Hey Dude shoes provide arch support with their popular thick memory foam insole. If you have wide feet, then choosing their sandals can be a great idea because they manufacture excellent sandals for wide-footed people. 

Hey Dude shoes give you that heavenly “walking on air” sensation. They hug your feet snugly, boasting top-notch arch support and a featherlight feel. Compared to other brands, comfort is their forte.

But wait, there’s more! Running? No worries. Shock absorption is on point, safeguarding your feet. Loafers and sneakers? Soft and airy, keeping things dry and odor-free. And here’s the kicker: Flexibility like no other. Their special flex and fold technology makes these shoes super bendy. No wonder Hey Dude is the go-to brand; it’s all about that comfy, light, and flexible footwear excellence!

Frequently Asked Question

Why are Hey Dudes so popular?

Hey Dude shoes are popular for their comfort and lightness. When you wear something, you never feel like you are wearing it; it feels like another skin.

Are Hey Dudes worth it?

Yes, of course! It is worth it.
For example, cheap shoes are generally uncomfortable to wear and may even cause foot pain, whereas expensive shoes may provide adequate comfort without breaking the bank. Whereas with Hey Dude Shoes, you will get comfort as well as save a lot of money from your wallet while wearing them for a long time.

Is Hey Dude a US company?

No, Hey Dude is an Italian footwear company founded in 2008 in Florence, Italy, by Alssandro Rosano.
However, the current revenue picture is different because 95% of shoes are sold in the American market. That’s why most people think it is a US based footwear company , but it isn’t!  

Do I wear socks with Hey Dude?

It’s totally up to you! Because when you wear the Hey Dude shoe, it doesn’t require extra comfort, you can use it with socks or without shocks easily.

Do girls wear Hey Dudes?

Hey Dude Shoes are not made to be unisex, but there is a selection of patterned and designed footwear for women and girls that unquestionably appeals to all girls the most.

Who Are Hey Dude Shoes For?

Shoes for men, women, and kids are available in a variety of styles and comfort levels at Hey Dude Shoes.

Warp Up

I have been wondering for a long time that I will write a long blog about this: Do Hey Dude shoes have good arch support? And I’m really glad that you now have the answer to this question in more detail (if you’ve been reading this blog!).

If you want great arch support with style and comfort, look no further than Hey Dude’s. And these shoes are so light that you will never have any problem walking or running.

But if you think about slip-resistant features, then Nike or any other brand has a lot of good shoes (Hey Dude has some like Scott Grip and Duke Shield).

But let’s finish it today. If you want great quality with comfort and very good arch support, the Hey Dude is the shoe to go for.

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