How To Remove Hey Dude Shoe Laces: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 30, 2023
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If you want to clean your Hey Dude shoes in a washing machine or hand wash them, you need to remove the laces. Or if you want to replace your Hey Dude laces after a long time, you need to know the proper method to do that. Otherwise, you can damage the eyelet or the lace. The Hey Dude brand is very popular among people in the USA because of its comfortable and stylish features. So, let’s jump into the tutorial, which will provide you with the easiest ways to replace Hey Dude laces.

Remove Your Hey Dude Shoelaces to Wash The Shoes or Replace Them with New Laces with Some Easy-Breezy Steps:

Though it’s a very easy process to remove Hey Dude laces, you need some handy tools to do that perfectly. I wrote this step-by-step guide and tried to gather almost everything that you may need to replace your Hey Dude laces.

Tools You May Require:

These tools can help you guide the lace through the tight spots.

  • Tweezers
  • Needle-nose pliers

Step 1: Untie the knot first.

First, you have to untie the knots, which you can see at the end of every lace.

This picture show you untie the knot first

Caption: Untie the knot first.

Step 2: Pull the laces out of the eyelets carefully.

After untying the knots at the end of the shoelace, carefully pull them out of the eyelets using your fingers.

You are done! You have done it perfectly, and now you can start washing your Hey Dude shoes. If you want to wash the Hey Dude insoles, you can also read our guide that we published early. The guide will help you.

Now, I’m assuming you’ve finished washing your shoes. You can also replace your old laces with Hey Dude footwear replacement laces. So you have to thread the laces through the eyelets. Whatever you want to do, you must follow the following steps:

Step 3: Thread The Replacement Laces:

  • Start by placing each end of the lace into the shoe’s bottom eyelet and pulling it through until the lace ends are level.
  • Cross the right side lace to the opposite eyelet on the left side and pull the lace through the left eyelet from the underside. Check that the lace is flat across the shoe.
  • Cross the lace on the left side over to the opposite eyelet on the right side. Insert the lace from the underside into the right eyelet and draw it through till it comes out the top. Again, make sure the lace is flat across the shoe.

Continue crossing the laces over to the other side and putting them from the underside through the eyelets until you reach the top of the shoe. Always adjust the fit.

Step 4: Tie A Knot:

Finally, you can tie a knot at the top of the laces to keep them in place.

Best Replacement Laces for Hey Dudes :

Best Replacement Laces for Hey Dudes :

The Hey Dude brand is very popular all over the world for its comfort and style. You can buy new laces for your Hey Dude shoes if you want.

You can make this purchase in two ways: the first is from the official website of Hey Dude Shoes, and the second is from Amazon. You can buy different colored laces to match your shoes, as per your choice, from these websites.

iBungee Laces

iBungee laces are very popular, and this type of shoelace uses Bungee cord instead of traditional shoelace material. The cords of these laces are made from polyester or high-quality latex rubber material, and these laces have proper elasticity to fit your favorite pair of shoes.

Features of iBungee Laces:

  • iBungee laces have proper elasticity.
  • These laces are sized for a perfect fit.
  • You can install iBungee laces into your shoes easily.
  • These laces are very convenient because you can turn your shoes on very easily.

Anan520 Elastic Shoe Laces

These are affordable pieces you can get for only $6.99. Anan520 has proper elasticity, which will give you extra comfort and flexibility. You can turn your Hey Dude sneakers into slip-on shoes if you use these Anan520 shoelaces.

Features of Anan520 Laces:

  • Anan520 has proper elasticity.
  • Anan520 is one of the most affordable shoelaces available on the market.
  • You can instantly transform your sneakers into slip-on shoes.

Diffway Laces

If you’re looking for the best cotton-made shoelaces on the market, Diffway is the brand to go with. These laces are available in a variety of colors online, from which you can select the perfect combination. If you’re looking for a lace that will last, this is without a doubt the one.

Features of Diffway Laces:

  • Diffway laces have proper elasticity.
  • You can use it in all types of shoes.
  • Diffway shoe laces have extra durability.


Removing Hey Dude laces from the shoe is a bit tricky. In this blog, I tried to share the proper method for doing that perfectly at home. I also shared some of the best laces available on the market, such as Bungee laces, Anan520 laces, and laces from the Diffway brand. If you do some research on the Hey Dude website, you can also get some nice laces that are produced by the shoe brand.

The original Hey Dude laces are also good. I hope this short blog will help you find the best laces for your shoes too. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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