How to Clean Cowboy Boots?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 28, 2023
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Guide: How to Clean Cowboy Boots by Sanjida Sarah, Fashion blogger

Finally, you’ve got your preferred pair of boots!You are a fan every time you look at them. They looked great on you in the store mirror, and they look much better in your home mirror. Now you want to wear these boots, but…

now you want to maintain them looking as new as possible? This guide will show you, how to clean your cowboy boots.


Your worst nightmare is about to come true: these beautiful shoes are going to become dirty! Worst-case scenario: wearing them around cattle!

What if you don’t mind wearing it?

You can make your boots seem like new (or almost new) again with a little expertise and the assistance of a few products!

Boot maintenance is essential for getting the most out of your boots in terms of performance and longevity. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to provide you the finest advice on how to properly clean cowboy boots. In addition, there are a few advanced methods and tricks to maintain them in good shape. Cleaning your leather cowboy boots on a regular basis not only keeps them looking great, but it also maintains and protects them, allowing you to enjoy their companionship for a long time.

The four most prevalent leather varieties utilized for Cowboy Boots are as follows:

• Smooth leather (Shiny, has a nice polished look).

• Oil Tan or Distressed (Not shiny, slight scuffs rub out with your finger).

• Rough Out (Sometimes referred to as “suede” boots).

• Unusual Leather (Made from critters you mostly do not want to meet while they are alive).

Cleaning each style of boot is rather simple, but the process and materials are distinct. It would be a smarter decision if you learned from the boot store salesperson when buying your boots.

Are you ready to make your boots appear like they were just purchased?

Let’s get started by cleaning a pair of soiled Cowboy boots.

  • A bucket for water and a soft scrub brush for removing mud
  • Sponge/Saddle Soap
  • Polish/Polishing brush
  • Dressing on the sole edge and heel.
  • Clean cloth

Step 1: Remove the dirt/mud


Use a moist sponge to remove the dirt. If the soil is dirty, try rubbing it with a plastic spoon. It will quickly scrape the big bits. Remember to be patient while pulling the spoon; else, your spoon will shatter. Don’t worry about the remaining muck on the boots; a moist, damp sponge can readily remove it.

Step 2: Squish the soap surface


Begin rubbing the saddle soap with a moist sponge to produce foam. Begin scrubbing the foam all over the boot as soon as possible, making it moist and foamy at the same time. When it’s all lathered up, concentrate on the dirtiest spots.

To cope with this evolution, this phase requires a good amount of wetness as well as suds. When it seems that the dirt has been removed, use a dry, soft substance to remove saddle cleanser bubbles. Because it includes oils and waxes, the foam does not need to be washed. This seals in the leather’s moisture. When you’re finished, don’t forget to clean up the suds and grime. Allow them to dry naturally after you’re through.

Step 3: Polishing the leather surface


In this stage, use a shoe polish that is the same color as the boots. Meltonian Shoe Cream or Lincoln Paste Wax are good choices. Meltonian is a velvety adhesive that contains a few conditioners and aids in the concealment of scrape marks; it shines with a glow and does not leave a scuff of wax.

If you require them “Very Shiny” or thoroughly polished, the Lincoln Paste Wax is a good choice. A few coats with a little “elbow grease” in between will result in an extraordinarily reflective and glossy finish, particularly in dark shades and dark.

Want some more hints?

You may absolutely shine with these fantastic supplementary suggestions! Attempting Edge Dressing is a trick performed by a Shoe Shine Professional. This phase really brings out the shine in your polishing and clean job! Also, presuming your soles and heels are made of leather, this progression will highlight your hard work.

Edge Dressing applied to the sides completes the aesthetic of the job. It is available in most retail Shoe Stores or Boot Repair Shops in Dark Brown or Black. Except for a dark pair of boots, the most common suggestion is to choose Dark Brown. Examine this progression to see how much better your old shoes genuinely appear.

Cleaning cowboy boots is not as easy as cleaning your others shoes. So, it will take some effort.

A much better use advice with FAQs-


When it comes to getting your boots wet, the great majority make one unnoticed and significant mistake. Though it looks to be reasonable, drying your wet boots by a warm chimney or wellspring of hotness after being caught in the rain or stumbling in a puddle is the absolute last thing you should do.

But did you realize that this will dry out your leather, causing it to harden and finally crack? When your boots become wet, put them in a well-ventilated, dry place to preserve them and extend their life. Simply relax and keep in mind that those cowboy boots are robust and durable. They will not be harmed by a little amount of water. Simply allow them to dry gradually.


Conditioning your cowboy boots is essential for extending their durability and sustainability. You’ll need a good leather conditioner. Make sure you work the conditioner into the surface of your boots rather than merely spreading it over them. Your shoes may get darker after application, but don’t worry, this is very natural. You need that they be consumed. You’ll have a gorgeous, shining pair of cowboy boots after the conditioner has dried.



After you’ve cleaned, polished, and covered your boots, keep them in a well-ventilated area with no direct exposure to chilly air or excessive heat. Never, ever wrap them in plastic. Allow your boots to breathe in some fresh air if they are made of leather.

Having a boot storage/cabinet is another solution.

I hope this comprehensive guide, How to Clean Cowboy Boots, with all the information necessary, assists you in cleaning and maintaining your boot like a new one!

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