How To Clean Red Wing Boots

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 28, 2023
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The boots for people are going to vary from season to season. For the winter season, Red Wing is the famous small-town Minnesota boot company. Almost every pair of Red Wings boots will keep your feet warm and dry during the whole winter season, which will always give you a comfortable feeling.

In this world, there are a variety of Red Wings Boots such as: Waterproof leather, oiled leather,  Dry-tanned leather, Nubuck/suede leather, etc. This guide will tell you how to clean red wing boots and more!

Red Wing Boots

There are also a variety of different leathers and styles of Red Wing Boots, but the general procedure of how to clean your Red Wing Boots are the same for all types of leathers: Clean, Condition, and Protect.

3 Easy process to Clean Red Wing Boots:


First and foremost, you must remove your laces and place them somewhere safe. Using your horsehair brush, remove any loose debris or mud that may have accumulated on the boot’s sole. Remove this with care, paying particular attention to the stitching area.

Then, using a small amount of warm water or other cleaning agent on a cloth or a saddle soap, carefully rub the sole from heel to toe. In addition, rub the entire hood with a disposable rag to remove any dust. After that, let them to dry for a brief period of time. So we’ve taken the cleaning agent out of the equation for the first time. Let us now proceed to the second phase.


When you’re finished cleaning your Red Wings Boots, you’ll want to condition the leather to make it last longer. Right? Then, using a disposable and dry towel or a dauber brush, apply the proper boot cream to the leather of your boot (I recommend using the Boot Oil for mild application and treatment) to the leather of your boot.

Always pay close attention to the area around the bellows and the tongue of your boot because this area is prone to collecting dust and grit and becoming colorless the quickest due to the lack of oil. Allow your boots to air dry for approximately 1 hour to ensure that the Boot Oil is well absorbed. After that, use a soft brush to buff your boots.


You should now be able to properly clean your Red Wing Boots. Learn about how to keep your boots safe and protected this time around by reading this article. So that the next time you use it, it will be clean and simple to use. To finish, grab a bottle of Red Wing Leather Protector and spray a little layer on your cleaned and conditioned boots with your hands about a foot away from your Red Wing Boots to seal in the moisture.

Allowing the boot to dry will help to prevent dirt from getting into it. When exposed to water or stains, leather protector is applied in a thin coating. And at long last, you have completed your task!

Your footwear have now been brushed as a result of this. And here is the finished product: boots that have been cleaned and moisturized. The only thing left to do now is to put on the laces. So tighten your shoelaces. Make sure your footwear are ready to travel as well!

That’s how you can clean, condition and protect your Red Wing Boots.

I recommend cleaning your boots 4-5 times a year in this manner (of course, this depends on how often you will wear your boots and also on the weather conditions), especially during the winter season.

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