How to Wear Combat Boots?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 28, 2023
combat booths with black keans

Whether you’re perusing a fashion magazine or keeping tabs on the latest celeb street style, you’ll be met with the visual conflict of Combat Boots at some point!

Here, I’ll tell you the best way to wear combat boots with a casual look or an even more glamorous look. Before adequately long, you’ll see that you have fine storage of clothing to wear with combat boots!

Know the combat boots well:

How to wear combat boots

The right pair of combat boots may be affordable, stylish, and less difficult to style than you would think. Your shiny combat boots will go with any outfit, regardless of whether you’re in Gen Z or Gen X, since this apparel enables you to dress in a more practical and straightforward manner than you may expect.

Combat boots are available in a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. The front of combat boots is often laced up, which is the most frequent style to be seen. Chelsea boots are frequently referred to as “Battle Boots” because of their tough appearance. Essentially, combat boots may be distinguished by their higher outlines, shorter boots, chunkier soles, and slimmer reproductions, among other characteristics.

Combat boots in black or white, in either a matte or patent finish, are the most current and fashionable option when it comes to combat boot style. Boots with massive platforms and lug soles are now the most popular choice among fashion gurus.

Women wearing combat black boots

Regardless of the color or type of combat boots you pick, you’ll have no problem coordinating them with any outfit after reading our guide. Have a look at this to get some ideas on how to seem like the sexiest person in 2022 wearing combat boots!

How To wear combat boots? Explained!

Fashion pairing up:


Combat boots with jeans can be an astounding blend. Any type of jeans can easily be paired up to give you a genuine and celeb look. You’ll be most comfortable with your favorite jeans, along with creating a celebrity vibe.

Jeans with Boots

They make women magical when they wear them. It makes the ladies resemble a wizardry styling look! The stunt of how to wear combat boots with jeans relies upon the style of jeans that is being referred to.

  • Skinny jeans with Combat boots

Skinny jeans with combat boots can be an exceptionally good-looking combination- especially in a high-waisted fashion era. This incredible combo, either with ankle-length jeans or longer, can be created in 4 ways- 

  1. Get your jeans into your combat boots.
  2. Allow them to lie over the boots.
  3. Try rolling up your ankle jeans to make a sleeve above.
  4. Wear lower leg socks over your jeans, so they look out over your combat boots.
  • Straight Leg jeans with Combat boots

Whether they are slimmer or looser, straight-leg jeans and combat boots make for fantastic outfits together! You may, however, roll up your jeans a little bit if you want to give the outfit a more casual air. Layering a semi-tucked sweater or shirt over it can give it a more polished appearance. A moto jacket or a comfy cardigan may be used to adequately depict the beauty of a woman. This outfit might also be described as a travel outfit.

  • Wide Leg jeans with Combat boots

Because wide-leg jeans do not generate sleeves unless they are too wide and have a straight leg, this is a lot simpler to coordinate with. Longer, wide-leg jeans complement the combat boots by adding some extra characteristics. This is going to be a top-of-the-line, fashionable, stylistic decision for Winter!

In the case of cropped wide-leg jeans, just allow them to be present in your wardrobe. Wrapping it with a sweater will give it a more relaxed appearance. With an army coat or an oversized blazer, you may add another layer of warmth. Finish the appearance with a handbag or purse that is worn cross-body.


Boot and leggings for women

While searching for what to wear with combat boots, leggings are a simple solution! Especially the false leather leggings. They’ve been so trendy while being at the highest point of the fashionable looks throughout recent years and give no sign to stop.

Simply pick a plain dark pair of tights with dark or white combat boots. Maroon ones are extraordinary as well! You can attempt moto leggings combined with chunky zippers. That will create a more stylish look. Get an oversized sweater to make it cozy.


Basically, the look combat boots create gives undoubtedly a masculine and rugged vibe. What if combining them with feminine dresses breaks stereotypes of masculinity. So, I suggest a stylish girly dress to pick with this pair of boots. So, what dresses can be paired up?

Featured image of how to wear combat boots with the dress.
  • With short black dress

These all-rounder dresses can go with anything. You may think the short and soft outfit hardly matches the grungy combat boots. But the saying that opposite attracts has been proved here! An attire of soft little dress combined with combat boots gives you a silky and dashing look.

Exceptional, you want something tighter? Just grab a mini bodycon covering with oversized denim. 

  • Sweater dress

Combat boots can also create a casual outfit combining perfectly with a sweater dress to give a cozy look. Don’t you think in this winter, nothing can be comfier and cozier than a sweater dress and combat boots! Stepping outside with this combination is quite easy. Just wear a dress that matches the length from knee to calf. You can have a bare leg and simply put on the boots. According to the weather, you can try an overcoat also.

  • Maxi dress

Wearing a maxi with combat boots, you can make the look more rugged. Boots can be a pleasant option other than sneakers or heels. As a Summer look, Maxi dresses made of linen material will be extraordinary in the mid-year. Furthermore, for fall, pick something somewhat heavier. I prefer to say a velvet or flowy botanical dress with these combat boots! Add a denim coat and leather handbag, and you’ll be prepared to handle your everyday tasks in style.

  • Denim dress

This type of utilitarian outfit works incredibly with combat boots for an easygoing and full rough look. Preferably, white or beige combat boots with either dim denim dresses or blue shaded ones can look great. However, dark combat boots will likewise look astonishing as cool attire! The style will represent itself with no issue, so get the purse of your own choice with this cool outfit.


combat boots

Assuming you’re searching for what to wear with combat boots to give you an alternative look, skirts can be a great option!

Mini Skirts,

Miniskirts have their own evergreen trend. You can have a fresh look wearing them with the boots. As the skirts are simply short, the choice of boots should be a bit higher. In the whole attire, a single long shirt can give you a warmer look.

Tulle skirts,

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve seen these boots with a skirt like this one. Instead of a heavy and stiff appearance, a refined appearance is achieved. Simply layer an under-the-bum sweater over a simple obvious tee or shirt to complete the look. To finish the outfit, choose a wool coat that is mid-length, or even a moto coat or a puffer to complete the appearance.


A stylish method for wearing your combat boots can be with dress pants. It keeps the look monochromatic. Along with that, just put some shading with your ornaments to complete the look.

Leather pants,

The combination of combat boots and leather pants are quite matching with each other. Both of them are autumn staple-looking, so they combine greatly. No matter whether your leather pants are blackish, brown, or maroon, they will have a good match with combat boots. I prefer matte leather pants, which will create a contrast over the boots.

Cargo pants,

The most preferable and easy combination with combat boots is cargo pants. Both of them have the same kind of vibe, which is our inspiration from adventure films. A pair of cargo pants having an elastic hem over the top of your boots looks amazing. 

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