What Shoes to Wear With Mom Jeans: 8 Best Outfit Ideas

By Sophie Williams
Updated: September 7, 2023
Shoes to wear with mom jeans

Currently, a sense of style is quite essential. Your look and appearance are crucial to making a strong impression. Style helps you determine what goes with what. From this article, you will learn what shoes to wear with mom jeans to have the best look.

Mom jeans are a style that has been around for a long time in the fashion industry. In any case, the vintage-inspired, unstructured silhouette is a favourite among denim lovers everywhere because of the effortless cool it radiates. But it’s important to wear mom jeans with the right boots, heels, or even sneakers, and to roll or cuff them the right way. So, this article explores what shoes to wear with mom jeans and get the best pair and looks.

Here are some shoes to wear with mom jeans to make a stylish outfit:

Sneakers with Jeans

The combination of sneakers and mom jeans:

Many of you wondered if you can wear sneakers with mom jeans? Yes! Mom jeans and sneakers are a fantastic pairing because they are both considered to be casual clothing styles. Due to the fact that mom jeans have such distinct characteristics (high waist, light wash, and loose fit), it can be challenging to wear them without looking like you’ve just emerged from the 1970s. However, when paired with the right footwear, they look fantastic. Your outfit will have a more sports vibe when you wear mom jeans with sneakers due to the fact that shoes give your look a more sporty tone.

This combination is perfect for weekends spent relaxing around the house. It is fine to wear a pair of shoes that are either white or another bright color, such as red, blue, or green. For a more laid-back look, try wearing your mom jeans with a pair of white sneakers and a top or tank in a solid hue. You can never go wrong with a pair of classic white sneakers or Converse, but don’t be afraid to try out some different color combinations and pattern combinations. If you are looking for extra support and comfort, the best option for you would be a pair of sports sneakers from Nike or Adidas.

Loafers look great with mom jeans:

The addition of loafers is a fun way to accessorize mom jeans, especially if you want to add something that is a little bit more unique than your normal footwear.

Loafers with Jeans

When it’s cold outdoors, loafers are a better option for more casual ensembles than boots because they’re easy to put on.   Loafers are the perfect pair of shoes to wear with mom jeans since they have a relaxed vibe but yet have a more sophisticated appearance. In other words, they represent the epitome of what it means to create the perfect balance between laid-back and sophisticated. This combination is ideal if you’re want to make a statement while being comfortable in your jeans.

Mom jeans paired with sandals:

There is no doubt that a pair of mom jeans with a more relaxed fit look amazing when accessorized with a pair of flat sandals. They aren’t meant to be completely symmetrical. It looks cool and edgy when they slip off when you step.

Try slide sandals. This style of shoe looks fantastic when paired with any variation of mom jeans, whether you’re going on a lunch date in the park or taking your dog for a walk. Slide sandals are one of my favorite shoe options to wear with mom jeans since they are both easy to put on and take off and provide a high level of comfort. Slides, and especially sport slides, are an excellent choice of footwear to pair with mom jeans because of their sporty look. It does not matter what color or design you wear, as long as they are slides and your feet can easily glide in and out.

Sandal shoes with mom jeans

Gladiator sandals look cool with mom jeans:

It is essential to have a variety of shoes for the different seasons, such as gladiator sandals, in order to accommodate the ever-present fashion trend of wearing mom jeans. The addition of a pair of gladiator sandals to any basic getup will almost immediately take it to the next level and make it feel more interesting.

When you pair gladiator sandals with mom jeans and tuck your pants into them, the result is a look that is a little bit edgy, a little bit unexpected (which is always a good thing), and a whole bunch of classy. This look may be achieved by wearing gladiator sandals in the summertime, along with mom jeans, and then draping your trousers into the sandals. They add a little speculation to what would have been an otherwise unremarkable ensemble. The addition of a pair of gladiator sandals to any basic getup will almost immediately take it to the next level and make it feel more interesting.

Slouchy boots and mom jeans combination:

In the past, they were cool, but this season they’re becoming trendy again. It is a great outfit combination when paired with mom jeans.

Boots with Mom jeans

Slouchy boots are an excellent option for shoes to wear with mom jeans since they are both stylish and comfortable. Because of this, they form an excellent combination. For fall and winter, you can wear your slouchy boots with a simple T-shirt and a denim jacket. Nowadays, the mom jean is the must-have item of clothing. You might either feel nostalgic for the ’90s or think they are out of scale with the rest of your outfit when wearing them.

Slouchy boots, on the other hand, are a great option if you’re looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone and experiment with a new look. They add a sense of balance to the outfit. An interesting contrast is created when loose-fitting boots are worn with form-hugging mom jeans, which encourages you to spend more time observing someone’s clothes than you typically would.

Mom jeans styled in sandals with heels:

Adding high heels to your mom jeans is a simple way to make them look more elegant. Mom jeans with heels look amazing since they add a feminine touch while also boosting the overall image.

High heel shoes to wear with mom jeans

When it comes to kitten heels, no matter how they’re styled, they always draw a remark. These are the hottest heels to wear with mom jeans. Also, pointy-toed heels are ideal for dressing up a pair of mom jeans for a night out. You can take them from day to night with ease, and they’ll look great no matter what you pair them with. Translucent sandals, with their “barely there” appearance, will make your legs appear longer and more gorgeous when worn with mom jeans. And they’re a little bit trendy, too. Their transparent straps allow you to wear them with any mom jeans in your closet.

Ankle boots and mom jeans:

Ankle boots are edgy. Leather booties in black, brown, or burgundy will go with the majority of your wardrobe’s pieces.

Choose ankle boots with a heel that is of a medium height for increased versatility that may be worn for a variety of events. If you have the right kind of ankle boots, you may wear them during any season and in almost any kind of weather, if it’s raining or the sun is shining. When you wear boots, the hem of your mom jeans should be as long as it can possibly be.

It won’t be difficult for your mom jeans to slide over the top of your boots, which will result in a bit of your footwear being exposed. Simple ankle boots are great for any occasion because they are classy and will never go out of style. Put on those shoes to wear with mom jeans with the confidence that you will be very stunning while wearing them.

Wear Ankle boots with jeans

Casual Shoes To Wear With Mom Jeans:

The combination of mom jeans and traditional casual footwear is amazing. This experiment will not let you down.

It’s a good idea to balance out the casual vibe of mom jeans by wearing them with more refined footwear options like wedges or classic pumps in lighter colors. This creates a beautiful proportion between the two clothes. This is a great way to spice up casual clothing for a night out or a party. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try experimenting with unusual colors or patterns, such as leopard print or snakeskin.

Mom jeans and combat boots:

Having a pair of combat boots in your wardrobe is basically a reliable investment. Combat boots feature a style that pairs well with mom jeans, similar to that of ankle booties.

Combat boots with jeans

The combination of mom jeans and combat boots is a tried-and-true look. They are stylish and comfortable enough. The most fashionable combat boots will give your outfit a cool edge. Get a pair of boots from a well-known boot manufacturer like Taos, Frye, or Rockport if you want them to last for a longer period of time than other brands. Wearing light-washed jeans with fabric or leather combat boots is an excellent way to stay cool during the summer.

Middle-aged women in the United States wore Mom jeans most frequently in the late 1990s and early 2000s, while younger women thought they were “outdated.” However, mom jeans aren’t just for moms anymore. Actually, they look great on younger women as well. Mom jeans, which are often seen as being more trendy than skinny jeans, are an excellent choice for fashion since they give the impression that the wearer has taken extra effort to seem put together and polished.

The appearance of mom jeans is casual and unstructured while remaining trendy and appealing. The look of mom jeans is adaptable enough to work for both everyday wear and more put-together yet casual combinations. They are loose and comfortable, yet stylish and feminine for effortless style. Therefore, incorporating mom jeans into your daily wardrobe rotation is a choice you will not come to regret.

Conversely, shoes are a crucial component of your wardrobe that contributes to your overall appearance. This is an important factor to consider while selecting footwear. They assist you in conveying your individuality in a particular manner. Therefore, it is essential to choose the proper footwear for mom jeans.

Even though mom jeans have a classic style, it could be difficult to find shoes that complement your new jeans purchase. It is essential to remember what shoes to wear with mom jeans, irrespective of whether you are purchasing your mom jeans second-hand or from your preferred American label. Some shoe styles, like ankle boots, are great, but there are others that you should avoid while styling your mom jeans.

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