What Size Bunny Boots Should I Get?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 15, 2023
What size bunny boots should I get?

Bunny Boots are a special type of pair of boots that used to wear in the most brutal weather condition. Typically, it is the updated version of Micky Mouse boots and the best option to wear in -20 to -60 degree F weather.  Therefore, its other nickname is Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots. 

However, unlike any traditional type of shoes,  these boots’ sizing is different, and as a newbie,  you may need help choosing the right size. Therefore, for today’s content, we will illustrate a clear idea about what size bunny boots should I get. 

… Apart from this, we will also discuss an overall idea regarding it like the origin, why this brand is so special, its popularity, and others. 

So let’s take a closer look

Initial Takeaways regarding bunny boots: 

Bunny boots have an extra large toe room and come with some unique properties to keep your feet warm even in the extra grade of cold weather.  This pair is mainly manufactured with premium grade water-proof rubber and comes with a vacuum layer insulation. 

And this interior does not come with a liner. 

Another noticeable thing is there is no single chance of moisture in! It will give your feet the feel of a pair of vacuum musk. You will still feel warmth and comfort below the 20 degrees F temperature. And there is also a valve adjustment.

This pair of boots was first introduced during the mid of 1945 at Korean war. Soldiers had to go through the extreme grades of cold temperatures, but their feet required the ultimate protection. Therefore, the Navy Clothing and Textile Research Centre developed these tremendous quality boots. But now this pair also become popular and the most trustable type of footwear for its extraordinary quality. Especially, bunny boots have a massive level of demand among the people of Alaska and other extremely snow-covered areas. 

And according to experts’ bunny boots are the warmest boots and most dependable option for the tremendous cold weather.  

Pro Tips to choose the right size of bunny boots:

Pro Tips to choose the right size of bunny boots:  

A. Foot size and shape

B. Sock thickness and material

C. Purpose of wearing Bunny Boots

D. Climate and weather conditions

Yes, We already mentioned unlike any composite-type boots, the bunny boots run large. Even it is more than a half size larger than any type of other Military boots or tactical boots. 

The reason behind this is this boot pair has a larger toe room. However, how can you ensure a perfect fit or perfect pair? In this case, you can keep in mind the following two hacks.  

Pick the pair according to your foot shape and size:

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you must not compare it with any other regular types of shoes. The best option is customizing the size based on your foot shape. Later we will briefly discuss the hacks for foot measurement and which will help to get fix the perfect sizing. 

Get a perfect pair of shocks:

As your favorite bunny pair has a bit larger space, you can cover it up with the perfect size of shock pair. No! We are not suggesting you take multiple shocks. Better to focus on the shocks’ thickness level to properly adjust it with your boots. 

Also,  keep in mind its properties. 

Overall, we noticed that a good pair of wool socks are the best option to wear with bunny boots. It can properly adjust with bunny boots and recover the extra space.  On the other hand,  the wool shocks also prevent craping and the chance of slippage.  

What types of weather conditions bunny boots are made for? What is the key purpose of wearing it?  

What types of weather conditions bunny boots are made for? What is the key purpose of wearing it?  

Yes,  you already got an idea that bunny boots are highly reliable for extreme weather conditions. This pair of boots can even keep your feet warm below the 20 degrees F temperature. 

Just keep in mind, this boot was developed for combat operations and to use for mountains. It helps soldiers to protect their feet at any cost to survive in the brutal weather and helps to keep moving. 

Besides using it for war, the bunny also has a great demand for working in the diesel shop and during any scientific experiment. 

You can even take this pair for climbing or camping in ice or snow-covered areas. 

The thing that makes it special is its structure. The multi-layers rubber and the liner-free construction help to keep your feet warm always. And the vacuum-sealed structure helps to ensure there is no room for to moisture come in!

This way it keeps the blood circulation normal and prevents the chance of freezing your feet. 

Also, read this article where we covered what types of boots are recommended for snow-covered areas: https://bootsandstuff.com/blog/can-you-use-regular-boots-for-snowboarding/

Pro tips to find the perfect fit bunny boots according to your foot shape: 

Comparatively bunny boots are sloppy, and that makes it difficult to select the right size. On the other hand, the thing can make you confused someone will suggest you take a lower size and someone will suggest you consider a bigger than the standard size. 

Yes, you should always keep in mind that when it fixing the proper size of bunny boots, you cannot compare it with other types of shoe sizes. However,  we noticed that to pick the right one;  always choose a bit smaller size than your standard size. 

  • For men: Half  size smaller 
  • For women: 2 sizes smaller 

However,  let us share a practical example. If your feet size is 12 for others types of boots, for bunny boots the safer options will be 10.  


Overall, in this discussion, we express some tips to get the right pair of bunny boots. And keep in mind,  when you are in the arctic areas no other type of shoe pair can ensure such protection as the bunny boots. And the end of the article we are unveiling another tip to get a perfect size! 

According to our analysis, the BATTA Bunny Boots can ensure the real pair. 

Frequently Asked the Questions: 

Q: Are the Micky Mouse and Bunny boots are same?

A: No. Bunny boots are mainly the upgraded version of Micky Mouse boots.  Comparatively bunny boots have more withstand capability in extremely cold weather.

Q:  How to fix if there is any leakage? 

A:  You can use any type of quality sealant to fix this issue.Better to use any silicone sealant. You can also use an innertube tire to seal it.

Q:  What are the differences between the black and white ones? 

A:  The white one is recommended to use below 20 degrees F temperature. On the other hand, you can use the black pair while working on diesel in oil fields to protect your feet.

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