What to Wear with Duck Boots: Pro Tips

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 28, 2023
What to wear with duck boots

Boots are very popular and attractive in today’s fashion. Having the right dressing sense is very important to keep pace with today’s world. Just like you need to know what to wear with clothes, you also need to know what to wear with different kinds of boots.

We’re all familiar with terms like cowboy, Chelsea, Roper, Dry suit, Duck boots, and so on. A variety of boot styles are worn by both men and women. And the most important part is they both look fashionable wearing boots.

In this article, we will discuss duck boots and what to wear with duck boots. To learn the right fashion sense for wearing duck boots, we must learn first about duck boots.

duck boots

What to wear with duck boots

Okay! Then, let’s start from the beginning. Duck boots are a type of sturdy, waterproof lace-up boot made of molded rubber in the lower section with a leather shaft in the upper part. Frequently coming up to the ankles, duck boots are a wonderful option for both wet and colder weather. 

Because of their versatility and comfort, they become a favorite wardrobe essential.

Duck boots were created as men’s hunting gear used in wet conditions. Aside from that, their preppy good looks have made them a wet weather style icon for women and children. Duck boots are perfect for wearing with your best rain jacket. They are mainly made for wet commutes but can also be used with many casual outfits.

Due to the classic colors of these shoes, they can be worn with a range of clothing options and create outfits with a crisp, go-anywhere style. Women are seen to wear jeans or leggings and a thick sweater or tunic for a classic wet-weather look with duck boots. They even wear warm tights and a cute sweater for a fun fall look or with a funky, layered outfit as a summer dress.

In much the same way as women, men can dress their boots in jeans or dressier pants for an office look. Many of them tuck their pants into those boots, allowing their footwear to take a little more of the spotlight or sometimes covering the calf of the boot. Even kids can wear duck boots with their favorite dresses or jackets.

Socks with Duck boots:

Thin socks give a great look to your Duck boots both in summer and winter. Thinner socks in summer leave space for air to flow and cool your feet down with an attractive look. But in contrast, tall socks give the best look and comfort. Tall socks are better at keeping your pants tucked in, and the boots look great if some parts of the sock are showing.

Skinny jeans with Duck boots:

Skinny jeans with duck boots for a casual look are a great option for day-to-day activities with slim-fitting pairs. Duck boots can be worn with baggy pants for a sloppy style.

Skirt with Duck boots:

Women can pair their duck boots with a skirt when it’s too hot for jeans. A skirt cut at or above the knee looks good with a long duck boot. Even the maxi skirt can be paired with these boots.

Leggings with duck boots

Leggings with Duck boots:

Pairing them with leggings is another perfect combination for an attractive look for a hike or outdoor workout. During a hike or workout, jeans get sweaty, but leggings will give you the comfort you need and still look great without sweating.

Flowy Dress with Duck Boots:

Boots with a flowy dress can also be paired with  Duck boots as they are so versatile. A flowy dress, top, or flowy blouse looks better than a form-fitting one with heavier boots like Duck boots. They can even be paired with shorts, rompers as well and cotton T-shirt dresses.

Classic and Classy looks with Duck boots:

A Chic Scarf and Rolled Denim is one of the best ways to wear your duck boots with some chunky socks rolled at the top.  A preppy scarf in a classic print also looks comfortable, classy, and deliberate with Duck boots.

Workday Wool look with Duck boots:

A Skirt and Tights with Duck boots also look stylish with winter wool. Though they give the best pair with a rainy, wet, and muddy outfit, they also look good when worn with your cold-weather, dressy, and professional looks.

Match The Colors:

 Wool look with Duck boots

Color matching is important to look good and awesome with Duck boots. One can easily try to pick out his/her favorite colors from your boots and pair them with the outfit. One can pair brown duck boots with green laces along with a green shirt or pants to make your boots pop up even more.

Even boots of dark green color with khaki brown, one can wear a dark green sweater and fitted khakis to show off the boots.  A well-fitted peacoat and dark denim or khaki pants will look really good with duck boots. Even khaki pants with duck boots, a tartan coat, or a solid-colored jacket can be used for a casual but sophisticated look.

Fold Your Jeans:

Duck boots with a folded denim pair is another option for a Duck boot outfit. Duck boots with folded denim that can highlight your shoes to give you an attractive look. A bright-colored parka or an oversized neon beanie, slim fit denim can also take your look to the next level.

Try these outfits with Duck boots and dare to give the best, attractive as well as the stunning look that you haven’t thought of trying.

Hope you loved our article “what to wear duck boots”. Please share and comment if you have any other thought.

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