Hey Dude Shoes for Winter: Stay Warm and Stylish Always!

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 15, 2023
Hey Dude Shoes for Winter

Are you looking for a more comfortable, much lighter, and more durable shoe that will keep your feet warm in the bitter winter and stylish at the same time? In this case, I have to say something about Hey Dude winter shoes. Why did I mention Hey Dude shoes? The reason is nothing too complicated. Hey Dude is a popular brand that markets winter footwear at affordable prices with all the above features, like comfort, lightweight, and durability.

I see many people asking different questions about this brand in different groups and on Quora, and the most common question is, Can I wear Hey Dudes in the winter? The answer is simple: yes, of course, you can wear Hey Dude shoes in the winter. But today I will discuss this in detail. Let’s see which shoes are good for winter, especially the ones that Hey Dude makes.

Can you wear Hey Dudes in the winter?

Can you wear Hey Dudes in the winter

Yes, you can wear Hey Dudes in the winter, specifically the Britt, Lea, and Eloise for women, the Duke Shield for men, and the Britt Youth for kids. But let’s discuss this section in depth so that you can understand which shoes from Hey Dudes will be perfect to wear during the winter season.

Most of the shoes made by Hey Dude are actually perfect for summer wear. The shoes are made of highly breathable fabric to ensure more comfort, lightness, and air circulation inside the shoe. That’s why most shoes are made of cotton, cotton canvas, or polyester, which allows enough air to circulate inside the shoe and keeps the feet sweat-free.

It can be said that Hey Dude’s winter-specific footwear is of world-class caliber, but you have to keep in mind that it is produced in limited quantities. Hey Dude’s manufactured footwear is of very high quality, and they are comfortable enough that you can wear them all day without any issue, regardless of the weather. Hey Dude produces shoes for women, men, and older kids, especially for the winter season. 

For example, I must mention Britt, Lea, and Eloise for women’s shoes; Duke Shield for men; and Britt Youth for older children. These shoes are designed specifically for winter wear and will keep your feet warm and comfortable even in extremely cold weather.

Hey Dude Winter Shoes for Men

Hey Dude Winter Shoes for Men

Hey Dude manufactures a few winter shoes for men. Though they are not many, the shoes are perfect for wearing in the winter season. Let’s break down each of the important features that these shoes have, which will give you more clarity about the shoes.

We mainly selected two winter shoes for men from the Hey Dude brand. They are:

1. Wally Corduroy

2. Duke Shield

Wally Corduroy:

Hey Dude Wally Corduroy is manufactured for the winter season keeping two things in mind: comfortability and coziness. This is one of the best classic moccasins from this brand, which you can use as casual footwear. The name also suggests that this shoe is fully made of easy corduroy. Super soft and breathable wool blend makes these shoes perfect to wear and will give you maximum warmth in the cold weather.

Wally Corduroy has an ultralight sole that will give you the feeling of walking on clouds. This shoe has a cushioned ankle collar, and this is the type of footwear that you can put on and take off easily.

This excellent leather lined winter footwear is suitable for those who are looking for affordable options.

Duke Shield:

The Duke shield will provide your feet with a shield from extremely cold weather. If you were looking for a boot that will keep you warm enough for cold weather but with style, this is the perfect boot to go for. The materials used to manufacture this boot are faux leather for the upper, which has nice nylon finishes, a special wool blend lining, and an easy-to-put-on feature. It has an ultralight outsole which makes the shoes lighter than most other brands that are currently available in the market. 

This special cold-weather boot has no-tie shoelaces, which transform Duke Shield into a slip-on. That, I believe, is one of the best features of this shoe that you will appreciate. Easy to put on for work and take off when you get home.

Hey Dude Winter Shoes for Women

Hey Dude Winter Shoes for Women

Hey Dude manufactures super warm shoes for women. Yeah, you already know the names that I previously discussed: Britt, Lea, and Eloise. Let’s talk about these special cold-weather shoes for women.


This shoe is primarily intended for women, especially when the weather turns cold. Hey Dude shoes are well-known for being lightweight and breathable, and the Britt is a great pair of women’s shoes.

The upper of this shoe is soft and made of a cotton blend that looks great with leggings and jeans. I wrote a blog on “What to Wear with Hey Dude Shoes: Top 20 Outfit Ideas for Women“. You can go and have a look to learn more about some awesome outfit ideas, especially for women.

It’s an ankle boot with faux-fur lining on the inside. The outsole is ultralight, as are all of their boots. Because the insole is removable, you can easily remove it while washing the shoe. Always remember that Hey Dude recommends machine washing for this model.

The flex and fold technology in this shoe allows your feet total freedom as you walk. One thing I skipped over about the Britt shoe is that it is not waterproof.


Lea’s collection is ideal for wearing all day in cold weather. Lea’s upper is made of polyurethane, which gives it great flexibility thanks to the flex and fold technology used in the outsole and inner soles.

The Lea shoe has a soft cotton lining, and this is an excellent feature that provides extra insulation to your feet and makes it a great choice for winter use. This shoe is too cozy to wear because it has an elastic lacing system that allows it to fit properly.

You can go for it if you want a good slip-on style bootie. 


If you are finding an affordable option to buy slip-on, with a cut-down price Eloise could be the best choice. This is an ultralight bootie with the best faux-fur lining, specially made for women. It has ultra grip outsoles; however, using these shoes for walking on the snow is not recommended.

If you want to buy a pair of high-quality winter shoes at a reasonable price, this shoe is an excellent choice.

Hey Dude Winter Shoes for Kids:

If you’re looking for winter shoes for older children from your favourite brand, ‘Hey Dude,’ Britt Youth is an excellent choice. In a nutshell, the features of this shoe are as follows: This shoe’s upper is made entirely of leather. The use of flex and fold technology makes it extremely flexible, and it has a removable insole, allowing you to buy new insoles if desired, as well as remove them when washing to make cleaning shoes easier.

Wrap up:

To conclude, Hey Dude is the brand that makes winter shoes, which are an outstanding product for winter footwear. Why? It’s simple, because they combine style, comfort, and warmth perfectly with their shoes. Although Hey Dude’s summer shoes are made of breathable mesh for maximum air circulation and to provide you with sweat-free feet, they also make really good winter shoes, such as Britt, Lea, and Eloise for women, Duke Shield for men, and Britt Youth for young kids.

Hey Dude winter shoes are not only fashionable but also inexpensive and long-lasting, which makes them a great choice for everyone searching for winter boots. Even in the dead of winter, Hey Dude winter shoes will keep you warm and comfortable all day.

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