What to Wear with Men’s Hey Dude Shoes – 20 Awesome Outfits Ideas

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 15, 2023
What to Wear with Men’s Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude is a very popular brand among men for casual footwear. This brand began its journey in 2008 and has maintained its popularity among customers until today.

In today’s blog, we’ll go over 20 outfit ideas for men that may be worn and combined with Hey Dudes. I had previously written a lengthy post on ‘What to Wear with Women’s Hey Dude Shoes‘, so I thought, Why should men be left out? That is where this article starts. So, let’s get started.

What to Wear with Hey Dude Shoes Men’s:

Hey Dude, shoes go fantastic with the 20 different men’s clothing I stated in the previous list. This guide will assist you in picking your favourite dress for any season. Let’s have a look at some wardrobe ideas to help you keep stylish.

Jeans and T-shirt:

If you’re even slightly fashion conscious, you’ll know that jeans and a T-shirt are a great combination, because jeans and a T-shirt are both simple and comfortable. So, you can wear them with Hey Dudes. Hey dude’s loafers and sneakers are typically made of fabric and can be worn with a variety of casual outfits. So are you thinking of a casual outfit idea to wear with a Hey Dude sneaker? Choose jeans and a T-shirt!

Chinos Pants and T-shirt:

Do you like any variation of khaki pants? Then chinos are the perfect choice to wear with these shoes. In the summer, chinos will give you comfort with their lightweight and cotton-blend features. If you want a dressier look with Hey Dudes, go for it. Chinos are well accepted as business casual, but you can also wear chinos as formal pants. For a more casual look, you can wear a white T-shirt with chinos.

Jeans and Long Sleeve T-shirt:

Jeans and Long Sleeve T-shirt:

If you want a more casual look and a comfortable feel, pick a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans to wear with your favorite pair of Hey Dude shoes. Though long-sleeved t-shirts are great for wearing in the winter and fall, you can pick one for summer also. A high-quality long-sleeve t-shirt will help you beat the heat and keep you cool in extremely hot weather.

Jeans and Sweater:

Hey Dude shoes are another name for winter comfort with jeans and sweaters. Jeans and a sweater can be worn together and are quite fashionable. Shoes from the Hey Dude brand would be a good choice for those of you with wide feet. Hey Dude makes shoes specifically for people with wide feet. If you wear these shoes with jeans and a sweater, you’ll notice that you look great in the mirror.

Khaki Jacket:

If you have a khaki jacket, you can dress it up for winter by matching it with your favorite pair of shoes. Khaki is a versatile color that can be worn with almost anything. You can wear this khaki jacket for an outdoor walk from autumn into winter or in the spring. You can also wear Hey Dude’s winter shoes to your workplace with your khaki jacket. And definitely, this combination will make you more fashionable and stylish in the winter.

Denim Jacket:

If you want to wear Hey Dudes with a denim jacket, it is quite possible in the winter. Denims, also known as jeans or trucker jackets, are also ideal for wearing in the winter season. It’s fashionable and stylish. So, if you want a stylish look, you can wear this dress without any hesitation.

Shorts and Tank Top:

It’s best to wear Hey Dude loafers with shorts and a tank top. Loafers are breathable shoes that will keep your feet cool all the time, basically in the summer. These loafers can be worn with or without socks. Hey Dude Wally shoes are the best footwear to be worn with your favourite shorts.

Trouser and Shirt:

It goes without saying that Hey Dude shoes are much more appealing and comfortable. Everyone who knows and has worn this brand of shoes is aware of this fact. If you like to wear shirts, you can match them with trousers. Because the trousers complement the shirt. Wearing a light-colored cotton shirt with dark-colored trousers is both comfortable and fashionable.

Long Trench Coat:

You want to wear your favourite 37-inch-long trench coat with your Hey Dude shoes. Yes, definitely, you can, and I’m here at Boots & Stuff to help you with some awesome outfit ideas in this blog. You can wear a long trench coat with Hey Dude’s recent release, Duke Shield. You can also wear this shoe with jeans. If you have a pair of jeans, wear one with your trench coat and Duke shield, and this might be a good idea if you want to look good all day in the winter.


For those of you who prefer to wear suits, Hey Dude’s loafers can be a great pair of shoes. This style of shoe can be a definite choice for those who want to be less formal with a suit. If you prefer leather shoes, the brand Hey Dude is not for you, but if you want to stick with the brand, Men’s Wally Sox can be worn with your favourite suit.

Groom’s Outfit:

Groom's Outfit:

It can be said that when you think of the groom’s wedding attire, the suit is the first thing that comes to mind. And if you want to wear a suit, Hey Dude’s popular loafers are a great choice. You can also wear Paul shoes with a soft leather upper if you like leather.

Assume your friend’s wedding is approaching, and you want to give him shoes to wear at his wedding. Sneakers look great with a suit and pants. This is the type of shoe that is not more formal like oxfords. You can choose Sirocco from this brand if you want to give your friend a less formal pair of shoes.


People prefer slip-on shoes and sandals, and they are definitely comfortable to wear with beachwear. You can choose to wear sandals with beachwear if you’re looking for easy-to-put-on shoes. Hey Dude’s sandals and slip-on shoes are available on the market in a variety of colors, and some slip-on shoes are machine washable. So, don’t just hesitate and get a pair of sandals or slip-on to wear on the beach with your beloved friends or family members.

You Can Wear Hey Dude Shoes with Skinny Jeans:

You can wear your favourite skinny jeans with your Hey Dude Chambray shoes. This shoe has memory foam insoles, a cushioned ankle collar, and is available in a range of styles. The cotton blend upper is super comfortable to wear in summer, and the ultra-light feature will give you the feeling of walking on clouds every day. You can also wear their manufactured boots or sneakers of different styles if you want to prove yourself as a fashion-forward person.

You Can Wear Hey Dude Shoes with Dress Pants:

You Can Wear Hey Dude Shoes with Dress Pants:

Hey Dude shoes are great to wear with dress pants. Men’s shoes like loafers are great, and they can match your favorite colored dress pants. Hey, Dude manufactures shoes for men for different outfits. That can be a formal or casual look, and their loafers have enough features to protect your feet from heat and cold. The best thing about Hey Dude shoes is their sole technology. They typically use the flex and fold technology in their manufactured shoes to make them more flexible for people’s everyday use.

You can wear Hey Dude Shoes with Sweatpants:

Have you heard of Émile Camuset? No? Okay, he is best known as the founder of Le Coq Sportif, and he was the first person to wear sweatpants in 1920. Even though Hey Dude launched their footwear in 2008, you can still wear them with sweatpants. Hey Dudes are available on the market at an affordable price point and in popular styles. You can look great in a sweatpant with the right pair of Hey Dude shoes.

Pair with a Polo Shirt:

You can wear Hey Dudes with a short-collar polo shirt. For tennis players, their slip-on sneakers are just perfect to be worn with polo shirts. The Cody is perfect for this kind of outfit. This shoe is ultralight, and the upper is made of cotton. It has a perfect outsole, which will give you proper traction while you’re playing tennis or any other outdoor game. Don’t forget to wear socks with Hey Dude when you are going out for a match. You can match the colour of your socks with your chosen polo shirt.

Blazer and Tailored Trousers:

You can wear your Hey Dude shoe with a blazer and tailored trouser if you have a slip-on sneaker or a loafer. Though oxfords, monk straps, and derby shoes are ideal for a formal look, choosing slip on shoes from this brand can provide you with a unique and stylish look.

Henley Shirt:

You can wear Hey Dude shoes with a collarless pullover shirt, which is known mostly as a henley shirt. Choose white-colored shorts with a pair of white-colored shoes. Sneakers are always great to wear with a henley shirt.

Ripped Jeans:

Yes, you can wear loafers, sneakers, and slip-on shoes with your ripped jeans. This will make your style distinct from the others. Hey Dude’s shoes are just perfect to be worn with ripped jeans.

Are Hey Dude Shoes business casual?

hey dude shoes with jeans

Hey Dudes is, indeed, business casual. You can make your business outfit look more casual by wearing loafers with it. Sneakers, loafers, and slip-on shoes are the best footwear to wear with business attire, according to Hey Dude. Choose these shoes for a unique look that is also stylish and comfortable. For a more casual look, try their Sirocco or Cody shoes.

Wrap Up:

These are the top 20 outfit ideas to be worn with your favourite pair. Hey Dudes are great for a more casual look, but if you want more formal options, then Hey Dudes will not be so perfect.

People have questions like, ‘Can I wear Hey Dude shoes with jeans? Sweatpants? Or Dresspants? The answer is, indeed, you can. They are also great for business outfits.Hey Dude uses their patented technology to produce more comfortable Hey Dude shoes, and you can wear these footwear all day without any hassle.

Hey Dudes are also good for flat feet, and if you are facing such a problem, then choosing Hey Dude shoes will be a better decision. And for outfit ideas, here is the best blog you are reading right now. I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive post, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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