How to Clean Hunter Boots?

By Sophie Williams
Updated: November 28, 2023

A pair of Hunter boots are an excellent option for exploring the outdoors. They keep your feet dry in every weather, including snow, ice, and rain. If the boots are properly cleaned, they will endure a long time. Washing dust from the boots on a regular basis by doing chores such as removing scuff marks and cleaning water with soaps will increase the boots’ longevity.

Warm water and dish soap may be used to keep boots clean and tidy. Scuff marks may be removed using an eraser. Use a newspaper inside the boots to remove the insides. Baking soda and vinegar may be used to keep unwanted odors out of your boots. Make the boots look new by removing the rubber bloom that has turned the boots pallid.

Our these tips will answer your query regarding, how to clean hunter boots.


Three steps to clean your hunting boots :

Below, we talk about three steps of cleaning hunter boots. These steps we covered are the easiest and most time-consuming way so that it helps you to clean hunter boots.

Step 1: Eliminating Dust and Scuff marks: 

infographic of Eliminating Dust and Scuff marks
  • At first, to eliminate extra dust from the boots, hold the boots and take them outside of the home. Hit the boots three or four times in the ground so that the extra mud and dust fell to the ground.
  • Put the boots into a plastic container for cleaning with dish soap mixers. Make dish soap mixers using warm water and a dish. Put the ingredients in a spray bottle and hitch the bottle properly until it turns into bubbles.
  • Spray the boots with dish soap mixers and take some time so that the mixers cling to the boots. After 3 or 4 minutes, strike out the dust from the boots with a clean, soft cotton cloth or rag.
  • Use a scrubbing brush if there is still dirt on the soles of the boots. After properly cleaning the dust, wipe the boots properly and put the boots in the shade place for drying. Remember that do not dry boots directly in the sun as direct heat can damage the rubber, and it will cut down the lifespan of the boots.
  • To eliminate the scuff marks, use an eraser over the marks and wipe the boots. Use a pencil eraser gradually upside part of the boots.

Step 2: Washing the inside portion: 

  • Normally, socks remove the bad smell of the boots and eliminate soggy inside the boots. Always wear socks with boots to keep the inside part neat and clean, and do not put on wet socks.
  • If boots are damp with plenty of water inside, use newspaper and fill inside tightly each of the boots. Take away the newspaper that will absorb the excess water. Then, keep the boots in the air to dry.
  • To remove an unpleasant smell from your boots, use a mixer of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Use an equal portion of water and vinegar for making the mixer. Spray the mixer inside the boots, then wipe with a soft towel as much as possible. After wiping, keep the boots in a shaded place for one or two days until the boots are fully dry.
  • In summer and warmer months, use baking soda in the boots. Baking soda absorbs the bad smell and moisture from the boots. For daily use of hunter boots, put two to three teaspoons of baking soda inside the boots and remove the powder in the morning.

Step 3: Elimination of blooming and make shining: 

Infographic of Elimination of blooming and make shining
  • Blooming is like the real color of the boots turned faded and looks like boots became very old. Use hunter boots cleaning kit for removing blooming. A cleaning kit includes a boot shine, a rubber buffer, and a soft cloth for wiping.
  • Cleaning kits are available in the hunter boots company. They mainly made it to remove the white and faded position of the boots and make the boots much bright. Spray rubber buffer in each boot and also in the cloth. Absorb buffer spray with a soft cloth, then keep boots dry in the air.
  • Olive oil is a simple home remedy for making boots shiny. Use olive oil and a clean cloth to retain and keep the boots’ shininess. Olive oil is effective shiner, and it also removes blooming, which saves money for buying a cleaning kit.
  • Take one teaspoon of olive oil into the cleaning cloth. Apply the cloth with poured olive oil over the outer part of the boots except for the soles. Rub the boots gradually. After applying olive oil properly, place the boots dry in the air.

These are the most frequent methods for “How to Clean your hunter boots?” used by different groups of hunters all around the globe.

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